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Bath and Body Works Candles!

2 November 2016

Ive wanted to try Bath and Body Works candles for so so long so I was so exited to finally be able to get these to the UK using the shipping service My Mall Box, I got three different candles and two hand sanitisers. 

This is the Autumn Sunshine candle, first of all I love this the look of this candle its basically Autumn in a jar, the lid has a leaf imprint on it too which is adorable! This candle claims to smell like this 'Chilled Orange, California Mandarin, Golden Amber, Green Fir Needle' and it was very similar to this, it smells very orangey and fresh almost like fresh air but its not overly powerful scent which I like. 

Again this is a Autumnal candle called Crisp Morning Air, I love the look of this candle its very cute and its perfect for this season. This claims to smell like the following 'Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood, Saffron, Soft Sandalwood'. This smells very fresh as if your walking through a park on a fresh crisp morning so quite a good match to its name really. 

This one isn't on the website anymore probably to make way for the Christmas candles but hopefully it will make a return in the spring/ summer season because this is on of my favourites. The packaging is so cute, it has the cutest design around the whole of the candle unlike most of there other candles. This candle is a very fresh, relaxing candle. It smells like your at the sea so it is more of summery scent. 

This candle is called A Thousand Wishes, this isn't a Autumn candle but it looked and sounded super cute so I thought I would pick it up anyway. This candle claims to smell like 'Warm your heart with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème'. I have to admit this candle doesn't smell like I thought it would, although its meant to smell like peonies I didn't think it would be as sweet as it is because I have a other peonie candle and its not sweet. 

The shipping using My Mall Box is so simple, you simply register on the website where you are given your own personal American address where you can send your parcels to, so I just checked out as normal using this address. You then get a email from My Mall Box when they receive your parcel and you are prompted to go online and enter your address and select your shipping option. I didn't have a choice which shipping service I used because my parcel was so heavy as you can imagine for six candles in total, so I had to select DHL express service which cost me $60 which I know does seem expensive but this is purely because it was candles and weighed so heavy, if you were ordering something such as makeup you would be able to pick from a number of different delivery options some which are much cheaper. Once I had done this I simply checked out and that was it, I then recived a email when my parcel got dispatched from My Mall Box and this took around 2 days to be dispatched, once dispatched the parcel came within three days. All in all the whole process took around 10 days to come which I think is very good considering it came from America.

My Mall Box make the whole process simple and I would definitely recommend them to anyone look to ship products over from America.

You can find My Mall Box here. 

P.s if you sign up here you get $5 dollars added to your shipping account!
4 comments on "Bath and Body Works Candles!"
  1. I love scented candles and the packaging of them is so lovely!

    Amina xx |

  2. I would love to get these! I need to go to Bath & Body Works. Autumn Sunshine and Crisp Morning Air seem really good!


  3. wish we could get bath and body works in the uk i love their packaging and their scents are look so good