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Akar Skincare Review

15 November 2016

Akar Skincare create 100% natural products using only products found in nature in the purest form that are organic from Tibetan Plateau giving your skin the best chance to renew and repair itself. I was really excited to try out these products because they seemed like such natural and luxurious products and the packaging also gave me this feel, it was packaged in a cut little box all wrapped with tissue paper and a branded sticker. The products themselves look very simple my classic and again give off this luxurious feel. I received two products:

Desert Rescue Face Oil 
This face oil is a light weight oil containing Baobab oil and Jojoba Oil which helps to give your skin moisture and help to heal your skin. This is suitable for dry and normal skin and also contains benefits for antiaging.
I use this by dropping 3 drops of the oil into my fingers and gently rub it onto my face, it smells very pleasant but not very strong but thats something I love as I hate it when all face products are fragranced.
The results of this product were amazing, it left my skin feel soft and smooth. Right now I have a few patches of eczema on my skin and it really help to moisturise this and help keep my skin feeling nourished which is something that I always look for with having really dry skin. Overall I am really loving using this product recently and I'm sure I will continue too.

Lip Butter Sample 
I  received a small lip butter sample with my package and I love lip butters, funnily enough the day this package arrived my lips were feeling so dry. The product smells and look very orangey which I personally am a huge fan of and once the product was applied it felt so soft and soothing on my lips. It also had a glossy finish to it which is always nice and it feels like it lasts so long which is great as you don't have to keep re applying.  So far I'm loving this and I definitely want to purchase the full size of this product.

You can find Akar here.
1 comment on "Akar Skincare Review"
  1. These products look and sound incredible! Nothing better than a lip butter to moisturise the lips xxx