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Magic Facial Mitt

8 November 2016

I was so intrigued by this Magic Facial Mitt, the magic part of this product is the fact you can use this mitt to take of your makeup without needing any makeup remover, simply just add hot water to this mitt and it removes makeup in a flash. 

Wondering how on earth it can be used without makeup remover? Well the fibres on this mitt are in a criss crossed pattern this allows for your makeup and any dirt to be trapped within the loops when the mitt is lifted of the face.

The product
The product itself is very cute the packaging is very vibrant and very girly. It currently only available from Amazon for £4.99 so very reasonably priced in my opinion. The delivery is very quick also which is a bonus with anything. 

The verdict
The mitt itself is very soft, and once put under warm water its even softer. I then used this to take off my makeup, which it did do very well. All my makeup came off reasonable easily and my face did feel nice and clean. The only thing is sometimes I did feel as though I was dragging the mitt across my face so it works best if you keep re wetting the mitt as its quicker to get rid of your makeup. Another thing I want to add is, I don't wear eye makeup so I can comment on what the mitt would be like to get rid of this, sorry! 

You can find them on:

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4 comments on "Magic Facial Mitt "
  1. I love the packaging on this! Its such a good idea to!

  2. Great idea, love this packaging , thanks for sharing such a great post.. Cosmetic Boxes UK

  3. Oh I recently seen one of these and I wasn't convinced! I might give it a go now
    Emily-may xo

  4. I have never come across something like this! Sounds really interesting :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes | Giveaway