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Paul Mitchell- Shampoo Two

13 November 2016
paul mitchell shampoo two

paul mitchell shampoo two

Im sure most of you have heard of Paul Mitchell by now but if you haven't Paul Mitchell is a well known hair stylist. Paul Mitchell the brand is a range of hair styling and care tools.

The Facts

I received the clarifying shampoo, which is named Shampoo Two. It claims to cleanse oily hair and scalp so that your hair is left fresh and shiny. This is priced at £10.50 and there is also a matching conditioner available. 

I really wanted to try this because I feel like I have build up on my hair so I wanted to try anything that would help to remove this build up. Also i tend to have quite oily hair which is something i absolutely cant stand so I thought it would be great to see how this worked on my hair.

The verdict

The smell of this product is very pleasant and much nicer than a lot of other shampoos its almost a lemony scent. Also the end result of this shampoo is amazing, it leaves a fresh smell and leaves your hair looking amazing. It left my hair feeling so light and took away any build up i had which was more prominent at the roots and left my hair looking this way until the next wash. Overall I'm very impressed by this product and will definitely be purchasing again. 

You can find it here:
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two: Look Fantastic
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