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30 July 2015

I was very kindly sent these items by Jewellery Box, for those of you who haven't heard of them Jewellery Box are a relativley new online store based in London. They sell a range of jewellery products at a very affordable price but still providing very good quality oppose to cheap fashionjewellery which not always but a lot of the time can feel very fragile and cheap. 

When i got the opportunity to pick some items to review i was overwhelmed by all of the products available because there is so much choice. But when i seen the Bow earrings i fell in love they are so so cute and i personally love anything with bows on and these are priced at £4.60 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain!

Next i picked the Silver ear cuff, now i have never ever worn one of these before but i thought id give this a try as its something i see on other people and really like so i will definitely be wearing this a lot in the very near future, this is priced at £3.60 once again an absolute bargain. 

Finally i chose the arrow bracelet, this is also sterling silver. I love this bracelet i think it looks so cute and dainty and is perfect for anyone who like me has tiny wrists and this is priced at £5.50, Bargain especially for sterling silver, which is a huge bonus as it means this will not turn a green colour after a  lot of use like most fashion jewellery. 

Overall i would definitely recommend this website they offer great customer service, the packaging is just adorable and it is so so affordable. 

You can find them on: 
Twitter: Jewellery Box
Website: Jewellery Box

P.s Big thanks to my sister who took these photos for me whilst i was away, go check out here blog here.
5 comments on "Jewellery Box"
  1. OH! The packaging alone is pretty! I love the bracelet and that price is fantastic for silver!


  2. I've seen so much from jewellery box online and my god everything is so pretty!!
    I think I need some of this jewellery myself :)

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

  3. I've never heard of Jewellery Box but it looks amazing, the packaging is gorgeous!xx

  4. I love that packaging! Little quirks really sell me haha. Love the little ear cuff though, if I ever wore my hair up I would love to try it out! x

  5. Everything here is so, so pretty! Definitely need to try out this jewellery myself :) x