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Love Me Beauty Box...

3 August 2015

I have yet another Love me Beauty box, for those of you who haven't read my other posts i have been getting these boxes for about 4 months now. For me i feel like this is one of the best boxes there are purely because you can pick your products your self out of a range of products saving you getting products that you are to keen on and probably wont use. 

This month was the first time i had seen some of Love Me Beauty's own products so i picked them both up, this included the Love Me Beauty tweezers and nail file. You can never have too many of either of these as these always seem to go missing somehow! 

Also in this months box, i picked the Mirabella eye definer. After trying a Mirabella beauty lipstick in a previous box and it has not turnt out to be my favourite lipstick so its safe to say i was very impressed so i thought id give this a go. 

Next i picked the Yes Nurse Hand Moisturiser, i thought i would pick this as my hands are definitely something i neglect and never moisturise so i think this will come in very handy(you get it) especially in the winter. 

 Then there is the Neal & Wolf Hairspray, I'm always on the look out for hairspray and this seems to have some good reviews so i thought id give it a whirl.  

Lastly is the Bellapierre Shimer Powder, i thought id try this out because its a brand I've never heard of but the shade looks incredible (sorry you can't see this on the picture) and this brand that after research seems to be pretty good!

Overall, i am once again very happy with my box and can't wait to try out these products. I will be sure to review some on my blog for you all too!  

Whats your favourite subscription box?

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3 comments on "Love Me Beauty Box..."
  1. I'd never heard of this box before! Seems like a good one!

    1. Its the only one I've ever tried but I'm really happy with it

  2. I love the subscription box ! I reviewed also some on my blog and do some unboxing videos on my Youtube channel (here is the link if you want to check it out :