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Beauty Uk Picks

21 August 2015

Beauty Uk Ultimate Contour Palette 
Beauty Uk Brow Kit
Beauty Uk Posh Pout
Beauty UK Posh Pout Swatches 

I was kindly sent a package from Beauty Uk, my package included the following products: ultimate contour kit, brow kit and two posh pouts in different shades. (I picked these products myself)

Firstly the Contour Palette, lets talk about the packaging! The packaging for this product isn't amazing but for the value of £5.99 you really can't complain its in a black outer packaging that features a step by step instructions on how to apply the product which is useful if you are new to the contouring game! Also the packaging features a magnetic lid which does come in handy! In this palette you get one bronzer, contour and highlighter which for the value i think is pretty impressive. Onto the product itself, the bronzer is a nice tone and colour but i don't think would be suited to those with really fair skin but after giving this a go it does add a warm tone to your face but definitely do think it would be suited to those with a darker skin tone. As for the highlighter and the contour i think this would be one of those products that would be perfect for any skin tone, the highlight has to be my favourite it as a perfect light to those areas of your face you wish but doesn't have any shimmer in which i personally think is a bonus as a lot of drugstore beauty products tend to have a shimmer in them for some reason! Overall i would recommend this product as i think it is a great product and is very impressive for the price. 

Next is the brow kit, this is priced at £4.99 and in the kit you get 3 different shades of eyebrow tint and one colourless wax to help keep your brows is place. Personally i think this is amazing for the value as it means its suited for anyone and you can also mix the colours to get the perfect colours for you. Also it comes with a double ended applicator and tweezers. On to the actual product, i think this product is actually so so good the consistency is almost like a powder and once you've found the perfect colour for you, simply applying this with the applicator or even your own brush if you have one and then using the wax gives you the perfect eyebrows that last all day! 

Lastly i got sent two Posh Pout lip stains in two shades; Sugar Plum Fairy and Would lilac to you?  For me i think the consitency of these lip stains are really nice as there almost like tinted lip balms as there so soft on the lips and are very pigmented and i was very surprised to see that these lasted all day. These come in six different shades and i definitely will be purchasing more, i have my eye on there nude lip stain called 'Oh So Nude' so i think that will be the next addition to the collection. These are also priced at £2.99 which i must say is a complete and utter bargain as these are definitely a must have! 

You can find Beauty Uk at the following: 

Website- BeautyUk
Twitter- BeautyUK
Facebook- BeautyUk

Whats your favourite high street brand? 

14 comments on "Beauty Uk Picks"
  1. I was really intrigued about this site and not sure whether to order or not, I definitely will do now! xxx

    1. I have been for so long too but i definitely would make an order!

  2. Hmm good review! I think beauty uk is equal to rimmel! But I never bought anything from them.
    I have reviewed many other brands on my blog

    1. Yeah i do too, doesn't get as much recognition though!

  3. Your photography is spot on too!!! oh and I live the lilac one x

  4. Ooh I love the colour of these lip stains!

  5. Love this post! Looks like great quality products and it's also very affordable! Also, never heard of beauty UK before, so I'll definitely have to check it out!

  6. The contour palette really interests me

    Rosy |

  7. I picked up the eyebrow kit having been recommended it, but I haven't used it yet as I'm nervous the shades will pull too warm on me. Xx

    Tania |

  8. I need to get my hand on that contour palette asap!

    Aarti |

  9. Love the look of the brow palette! I bet you could create some good definition with having multiple colours :)

    Cathy |

  10. I've never heard of Beauty UK- I'm really bad at researching alternative brands, if they're not sold in Boots I'm usually sceptical about how good something is but these look such good quality for the price. I own no brow products and I know that benefit have just released a brow range but it's so pricey I'd way rather try something like this to see what I like. Great review I'll deffo look into this company now (and cheeky freebies!! You lucky thing) xo