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Sili Sunglasses

27 September 2015

These are one of my favourite things ive ever received to review, these sunglasses are by Sili Sunglasses for those of you who don't know Sili Sunglasses are a online retailer that allows you to create your own sunglasses which i will explain the process of in more depth further on but also has ready made sunglasses for you to purchase. One huge bonus about these is that they are made to withstand the harshest conditions which is great for people like me who always brake there sunglasses. 

I got the opportunity to build my own pair of sunglasses, i did this buy visiting there website and clicking the builder option and then it allows you to choose the lens, frame and arm colour. There is a range of different colours from pink, orange, blue and black but as you can see i chose the tortoise shell for both my frame and my arms as this has always been my favourite style of sunglasses. I then picked  brown lens i was debating between black and brown but i think the brown fits perfectly with this style. All in all i think the experience of building your own custom sunglasses is really fun and i am very happy with my sunglasses!

These are now £55 and you can get 15% off by signing up to there newsletter! 

You can find them here: Sili Sunglasses

Stationary Haul

22 September 2015
Home and Bargain: 79p & 39p

Sainsburys: £3.99

Pencils: Tesco £2 Pens: Sainsburys: £3

Floral Notepad: Tesco, £4 Happy Jackson: Asos £5

Everyone loves a good stationary haul so I thought i'd share my buys with guys! 
Most of these will come in handy for university and some with blogging too but some i clearly picked up because they were too cute to leave behind! 

Where is your favourite place to get stationary?

Cherry Diva

15 September 2015

Today I'm going to be reviewing this lovely piece by Cherry Diva, for anyone who hasn't heard of Cherry Diva before it is a online jewellery store and if you love statement necklaces like me your bound to have something you love, because i have fallen in love with so many things. As well as necklace they sell other jewellery items as well as accessories ranging from bags to hats, scarves and gloves. 

This necklace is named the Miley Sparkle Statement Necklace firstly lets talk about the packaging, I'm a sucker for good packaging like i know lots of you are too and this is definitely impressive i love the envelope sad i know but i love all the little details like that really make a difference and flowered pattered packaging is equally as nice!
Anyway, i personally love this necklace so much, i think silver is the perfect colour as it quite literally goes with everything and this necklace looks beautiful on, I've been wearing it a lot with my white shirts and it looks gorgeous and adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit. This necklace is priced at £10 which in my opinion is very reasonable as on the high street something similar would be a lot more expensive also i don't think you would find anything like this on the hughstreet and i would say the same about most of the necklaces on Cherry Diva they are all very unique and different. 

You can find Cherry Diva at the following:
Website: Cherry Diva
Twitter: Cherry Diva
Facebook: Cherry Diva 

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

9 September 2015

Today i thought id share a post about how i clean my makeup brushes as its something that i know a lot of people always say they should do more often, me included.
The process i use is very simple and actually very quick to do, i simply lay out all my brushes so i don't get confused which ones have been cleaned and which haven't. Then using my Sephora Daily Make Up Brush Cleaner i spray the brushes one by one, on the bottle of this cleaner it directs you to spray around 3 to 4 times on each of the brushes but some that are smaller and don't get used as much simply don't need that much but its pretty easy to see how much they needed after experimenting. Once i have sprayed the brush i then use a muslim cloth to throughly clean and wipe the brush until all of the makeup comes of, for my collection of brushes this only took 10 minutes as its so quick and simple to do.
After using the sephora make up brush cleaner a few times i would 100% recommend this to anyone i couldn't be happier with this product it take any makeup of your brushes with such ease and leaves nothing behind and is definitely the best remover i have tried.
Whats your favourite make up brush remover?

Too Wrapped Up

27 August 2015

Today i am talking about a company called Too Wrapped Up, for those of you who don't know, these are a company selling gifts, cards, wrapping paper and some stationary. Personally I'm in love with everyone on this website, they have such unique prints and cute gifts that anyone would enjoy. 

They very kindly said that i could review one of their cards and i chose this one, with my twin sister (fellow blogger, ill link below) and i's birthday coming up when i seen this card i knew she would love it and it summed her up for a tee. This card is called 'Party Time' and is available for £3 which in my opinion is about average for a birthday card especially unique ones like this. All the cards on this website are priced at £3 and there is a wide range of different prints available for every occasion! 

They also very kindly gave me a free postage code for all of you who would like to purchase from them: 'AUGUST' 

You can find them at the following:
Websites: Too Wrapped Up
Twitter: Too Wrapped Up

My sisters blog: Olivia Mulhearn

Love Me Beauty Box August Edition

25 August 2015

I once again got my month box from Love Me Beauty as you probably know by now i love there service. This month i chose four product, four of these being Nuxe Skincare products and the other being a lipstick.

Firstly i will talk about Nuxe skincare products, Nuxe is a skincare brand i have never ever tried but i have heard so many good things about so when i seen that they were available this month i had to try them out if you don't know Nuxe is a french pharmacy selling lots of different skincare products. 

Firstly is the  Gentle Toning Lotion with Rose Petalsi don't normally go for products that are scented but i thought id give it a go and surprisingly the scent isn't too strong and even though i have sensitive skin it works perfectly and leaves your skin feeling refreshing, hydrating and super soft! Its safe to say i will definitely repurchase this. 

Next is the Moisturizing Mask Crème Fraîche de Beautéthis seemed perfect for me as its meant to help dry skin and i do have really dry skin, your meant to leave this on your skin for 10 minutes before removing. After using this for around a month, i would definitely recommend this to anyone. I love how refreshing and soft and hydrating it leaves your skin feeling. 

The last Nuxe Product is the Nuxe Hulie Prodigieuse Dry Oil, unfortunately this is the one product that i havent tried out but once i have i will write up a separate review. This products can be used on the face to help keep it nourished and can also be used on your hair to add  value and shine so i am excited to try this out! 

The lipstick i got was the Shien Cosmetics  Lip Veil Lipstick in 'Dynasty' this does look like and orangey shade but in actual fact it comes out a pinky, pearly shade which is very soft and moisturising on the lips and is very long lasting yay! Although id never heard of this brand before i would recommend this as i do love this lipstick but they are priced at £12 per lipstick.

What is your favourite subscription box?

Beauty Uk Picks

21 August 2015

Beauty Uk Ultimate Contour Palette 
Beauty Uk Brow Kit
Beauty Uk Posh Pout
Beauty UK Posh Pout Swatches 

I was kindly sent a package from Beauty Uk, my package included the following products: ultimate contour kit, brow kit and two posh pouts in different shades. (I picked these products myself)

Firstly the Contour Palette, lets talk about the packaging! The packaging for this product isn't amazing but for the value of £5.99 you really can't complain its in a black outer packaging that features a step by step instructions on how to apply the product which is useful if you are new to the contouring game! Also the packaging features a magnetic lid which does come in handy! In this palette you get one bronzer, contour and highlighter which for the value i think is pretty impressive. Onto the product itself, the bronzer is a nice tone and colour but i don't think would be suited to those with really fair skin but after giving this a go it does add a warm tone to your face but definitely do think it would be suited to those with a darker skin tone. As for the highlighter and the contour i think this would be one of those products that would be perfect for any skin tone, the highlight has to be my favourite it as a perfect light to those areas of your face you wish but doesn't have any shimmer in which i personally think is a bonus as a lot of drugstore beauty products tend to have a shimmer in them for some reason! Overall i would recommend this product as i think it is a great product and is very impressive for the price. 

Next is the brow kit, this is priced at £4.99 and in the kit you get 3 different shades of eyebrow tint and one colourless wax to help keep your brows is place. Personally i think this is amazing for the value as it means its suited for anyone and you can also mix the colours to get the perfect colours for you. Also it comes with a double ended applicator and tweezers. On to the actual product, i think this product is actually so so good the consistency is almost like a powder and once you've found the perfect colour for you, simply applying this with the applicator or even your own brush if you have one and then using the wax gives you the perfect eyebrows that last all day! 

Lastly i got sent two Posh Pout lip stains in two shades; Sugar Plum Fairy and Would lilac to you?  For me i think the consitency of these lip stains are really nice as there almost like tinted lip balms as there so soft on the lips and are very pigmented and i was very surprised to see that these lasted all day. These come in six different shades and i definitely will be purchasing more, i have my eye on there nude lip stain called 'Oh So Nude' so i think that will be the next addition to the collection. These are also priced at £2.99 which i must say is a complete and utter bargain as these are definitely a must have! 

You can find Beauty Uk at the following: 

Website- BeautyUk
Twitter- BeautyUK
Facebook- BeautyUk

Whats your favourite high street brand? 

What I Got For My Birthday

16 August 2015
All My presents from my mum and dad layed out like they have always done since i was little!

Mickey Mouse Ballon, channeling my inner child.

Iphone and iPad case.

Yankee Candle and initial tea light holder 

Jewellery Box

Necklace and Earrings. 

Initial Light, i have always wanted one of these!

Nails Inc Snowflake, i searched high and low for this at christmas but my sister managed to track it down!

Boots, i had my eye on for ages!

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset, my favourite perfume. 

Lotso from Toy Story, i wanted this so badly!

Elephant Ring and Necklace (I have a obsession with elephants) 

I turned 19 on the 2nd August, so I thought id put together a post of some of the presents i received i did get other things such as clothing and money but i find it so hard to photograph clothing, is that just me?

I loved all of my presents and was so grateful to have received them all.

If youd like to know were anything is from leave me a comment below as i do know were most of these things are from.


4 August 2015

I thought id do a giveaway as I have had a break until about 2 weeks ago for a while so i thought id come back with a giveaway for you all.
All you have to do is enter via the raffle copter below, entrants must be in the UK or Ireland and i will contact the winner when the giveaway ends! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love Me Beauty Box...

3 August 2015

I have yet another Love me Beauty box, for those of you who haven't read my other posts i have been getting these boxes for about 4 months now. For me i feel like this is one of the best boxes there are purely because you can pick your products your self out of a range of products saving you getting products that you are to keen on and probably wont use. 

This month was the first time i had seen some of Love Me Beauty's own products so i picked them both up, this included the Love Me Beauty tweezers and nail file. You can never have too many of either of these as these always seem to go missing somehow! 

Also in this months box, i picked the Mirabella eye definer. After trying a Mirabella beauty lipstick in a previous box and it has not turnt out to be my favourite lipstick so its safe to say i was very impressed so i thought id give this a go. 

Next i picked the Yes Nurse Hand Moisturiser, i thought i would pick this as my hands are definitely something i neglect and never moisturise so i think this will come in very handy(you get it) especially in the winter. 

 Then there is the Neal & Wolf Hairspray, I'm always on the look out for hairspray and this seems to have some good reviews so i thought id give it a whirl.  

Lastly is the Bellapierre Shimer Powder, i thought id try this out because its a brand I've never heard of but the shade looks incredible (sorry you can't see this on the picture) and this brand that after research seems to be pretty good!

Overall, i am once again very happy with my box and can't wait to try out these products. I will be sure to review some on my blog for you all too!  

Whats your favourite subscription box?

Find them at:
Twitter: Love Me Beauty
Website: Love Me Beauty