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29 January 2014

Body Shop Moisturizers 

After looking for scent free moisturizer for a while, I came across this whilst shopping online at Body Shop, reading this product information this looked really good and seemed to focus on dry skin, which i have. I specifically used to get dry patches around my eyes alot. I  then read the customer reviews and they all seemed positive and said that it helped eliminate dry skin.

So when i came across a 50% off voucher code, i though id try these out, they are normally priced at £10 for the day cream and £11 for the night cream and after using this for about 2 months i would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from dry skin or sensitive skin as this is free from any scents, after using this I no longer have dry patches around my eyes and this leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft.
Let me know if you have tried any good moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin. 

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  1. Seems like a nice product! I suffer from dry skin during the winter time or when the weather changes drastically. I've been using the cetaphil moisturizer since it's also scent free and it's very cost efficient. I am looking for a scent free moisturizer that has an SPF to use for the upcoming warm weather but haven't found anything. Let me know if you find anything good that has SPF!


  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To find out what you have to do simply visit my blog. Everything you need to know is on there! My blog is If you have already been nominated then I apologize. :)

  3. I might have to check this out - I reacted badly to the scent in their Vitamin E moisturiser!

  4. I really like the restorative mask from this range for helping my dry skin! The Body Shop Skincare is so reliable and reasonably priced, especially with their regular special offers and promotions.

    Nicki x

  5. I worked at the body shop for 3 years and this was definetaly one of my favorite moisturizers. I have very sensitive and dry skin and this really worked wonders for me.

    Guilty of Glitz