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25 June 2014


I was very kindly send £40 worth of goodies from Viking and it definitely didn't disappoint. Viking are mainly known for there stationary and office supplies but they also sell a wide range of different things such as food,drink and even gifts. 

Firstly I was given this notebook with a owl pattern on the front, this will come in very handy with my blogging and I am definitely a hoarder of notebooks like a lot of people so this is perfect for me! This is retailed at £7.99 which I think is about average for a notebook of this quality. 

Next I got a 8GB pen drive which will definitely come in handy especially as I start university in September, who doesn't need a pen drive? This colour will also be very good as I tend to always loose my pen drives (oops). This is retailed at £4.99 which I think is very reasonable. 

You may be wondering what the next thing is as I to was very confused at first as I'd never seen these before. This is a dispenser for index flags which also came with three sets of index flags, I think this is very handy as index flags are so easily lost and this would also look nice left out on a desk. This retails at £11.99 which I also think is a very reasonable price.

Next is the pack of 8 highlighters, this was a very good coincidence as after finishing my exams I think every highlighter I won has ran out. Personally these are my favourite highlighters as I think they tend to last a long longer and I love the way in this pack you get colours you wouldn't normally find. These would be £7.79 which I once again think is a very reasonable price for a pack of 8! 

Lastly is one of my favourite things I revived, this is a pack of treat size chocolates and sweets! What can I really say who wouldn't love these?! These are retailed at £4.79 which I do think is expensive considering these are only treat size but having said that I don't think I have ever seen this treat size back in any shops. 

You can find Viking on:
3 comments on "Viking"
  1. I love stationary so much. The owl notebook is so cute as well and I haven't seen the dispenser of index notes before either in any other shops but now I have I don't want to buy the single index notes. I will definitely be checking this website out closer to the September time.

  2. Can't say no to chocolates. Looks like you got a lot of goodies to test out! :] // ☼

  3. I absolutely love stationary! That note book is so cute! Also who can resist chocolate ;) Haha
    Kloe xx