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10 September 2014

As some of you may know i have been away recently, I went to sunny Spain for 11 days so i thought id share a few snaps id took whilst i was away. 
We stayed in Playa Flamenca in Torrvejca, a place we had never been before but i stumbled across whilst looking for villas and im so glad i did, it has the prefect balance of quite but yet lively atmosphere of a day it was so quiet which was lovey to relax by the pool but of a night it had a lively atmosphere that was too rowdy. 
The majority of these photos were taken from the boulevard or from the market, 18 months ago they had opened a large boulevard centre which is literally amazing of a day it sprays mist outside of the shops to keep you cool and the shops of course were amazing too, they had so many shops similar to those at home and i definitely treated myself to a few items also what was amazing is some of the shops which are Spainish like Pull and Bear are a lot cheaper in Spain that along with the exchange rate made a lot of things a lot cheaper! 
Also the market was literally in front of our villa we only had to step outside and we were there so i thought it was amazing so couldn't help but take a few snaps! 
Overall i had a lovely holiday, soaked up some sun and spent lots of euros! 
13 comments on "Holiday"
  1. Great photos, glad you had a great time

  2. Those watermelon and donuts look so good! I'm craving some right now ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. Gorgeous photos! The food looks so delicious
    Love Vicki x

  4. The food looks gorgeous ! I'm craving doughnuts now :( hahaxx

  5. These photos make me reaaaaaally want a holiday now! :)

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! Glad you had a lovely time! xo

  7. Gorgeous photos! Glad you had a good holiday :) I want one of those leather bags! xxx

  8. Beautiful photos and just look at those BBQ ribs! If I was there, they would be destroyed in seconds hah!

    Rachel xx

  9. Great post love the pictures especially the one of the donuts. Kind of makes me want to have a donut now haha!

    Awkwardgirlx Blog

  10. That looks SO good and for a change it's nice for me to find a travel post where I can't guess where the destination is!

  11. These pictures are so pretty! it looks like you had an amazing time