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Love Beauty Box

30 March 2015

Love Me Beauty

For those of you who haven't already heard of this brand, this is a monthly beauty subscription box. I have seen a lot of subscription boxes around and always feel like there is too many to choose from so when i got a promotion code with my Boohoo order i thought why not give this a try at £20 for the three months, normally these boxes are £10 per month.
I only have good things to say about these boxes, first of all on the website you are asked to select a number of your preferences, such as skin type, hair type and favourite type of product etc.. You are then assigned a beauty expert accordingly who will suggest the products they see fit and give some advice. Also you are able to go to what is called the boutique and view all the products and select the products you wish. One thing that is defiantly a positive is the range of different products available to chose from every month and also that the products do change every month every now an again you may find the odd product crop up again but I've only ever seen this once. 
On to what i chose in the February box:  Mirabella Lipgloss, Organic Surge Face Mask, and two Nails Inc Nail Polishes, i have tried out each of these products but will do individual posts for these products but i have loved all the products so far and am really pleased with this box. Next month will be the end of my subscription but i think i will extend my subscription as i have been really pleased so far and i will definitely show you all what finds i get in my March box. 

Any recommendations of any monthly subscription boxes?

2 comments on "Love Beauty Box"
  1. I am currently on box 5 out of 6 for birchbox. I love the excitement of a monthly box and have been looking at others to try out. Is this box £10 inclusive of p&p?
    Thanks Rosie x

  2. It's good that they tailor the beauty box to your requirements! There are just so many on the market at the moment, it's pretty overwhelming. I'm not signed up to Birchbox but I've heard they're good! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks