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Fathers Day Gift Guide with Snapfish!

8 June 2017

Snappish kindly asked me if id like to work with them on a fathers day post and of course I jumped at the chance, who doesn't love personalised gifts? For anyone who hasn't heard of Snapfish, where have you been living? They are online store that offer a number of services from simply printing out your photos to personalised gifts including: calendars, mugs, cushions, cups etc... the list is endless, so check them out if you haven't already or if you looking to spoil someone this fathers day. 

Firstly I chose this Table-Top Panel, these are something I hadn't ever seen before but I love the idea of them, they  are very versatile as come with a little peg to stand the panel up on in any position you would like. I think these are a great gift, they would look perfect in your home or at the office and for £9.99 can you really complain. 

This is my favourite of all the gifts, who doesn't love a personalised calendar? I know my dad will love this perked up on his desk so he can brag about 'his twins' and have photos to show them. The thing I loved most about when ordering this is the fact you can choose what month you want the calendar to start so you your not missing half of the year that has previously gone already you can start it at June 2017, this would come in handy when ordering presents in advance too! Also another thing I really liked about making this is that your able to customise so much of the calendar, each of the text elements on the page are able to be personalised to you making it that little bit more special. This is priced at £10.99.

Again who doesn't love a personalised card, so simple but it just looks like you've put in that little bit more effort. Snapfish offer a wide range of designs to get you started and to have a play round with so even if your not the most creative person you will find it pretty simple to come up with a design your sure to love, these start at £1.99.

If you fancy getting yourself some personalised fathers day gifts you can shop here: Snapfish.

Hope you enjoyed!
8 comments on "Fathers Day Gift Guide with Snapfish!"
  1. I love the calendar! I think it's a really good price as well, definitely something I would consider getting my boyfriend for fathers day

    Tasha x

  2. I love these gifts - they're so thoughtful! x

  3. I got my dad one of the photo books from them last year and he loved it ❤️

  4. These are such incredibly thoughtful gifts. I often get my dad something photography related, I always love the personalised calendars! Xx

  5. I love personalised gifts these look so good!

  6. I always use snapfish they make such lovely gifts!

  7. I love the calendar!!! I have never heard of this company before so I am glad you did a post of them. Thanks for sharing x

    Sophia xo //