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Keep your car new

11 July 2017
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Todays post is going to be all about keeping your car new, a lot of people love it when they get a new car (who wouldnt!?) but how many actually ensure that their car stays as good as new?

Cars have changed the way we do everything and are a crucial part of our day to day life but if not taken care of they can be a very very dangerous thing, we’ve all heard horror stories and terrible road accidents that have sadly taken peoples lives.

There are many different ways in which you can prevent these terrible accidents from happening:

Car Servicing
This is so important, and includes a range of things from tyres, brakes, exhaust and oil change. 

Tyre maintenance is so important as the tyres are what keep you in contact with the road. Tyre pressure is very important to ensure they don't ware and tear too fast, most manuals from the car will tell you the correct pressure for your car but if unsure always double check. You're car has to be fitted with the correct type for its use as this is the law and its essential you know when you need new tyres. 

MOT Tests
These are so so important and again is the law so make sure you always get your mot when needed. By not taking a MOT test your not only putting your own life at danger put you are putting other motorists lives at danger as you never know what could be wrong with your car.

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  1. Though I follow few of the above mentioned steps to keep my car new but yeah I don't follow all of these.Thanks for the reminder.