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Swarovski Crystalline Pen

3 September 2017

I was recently sent over this gorgeous Swarovski  Crystalline Pen available from T.H. Baker, this pen features a glittery design at one end and then a block colour at the other, in my case I received the lilac colour but there are a range of different colours available.

One thing I love about this pen is that it doubles up as stylus, the end of the pen can be used on any electrical devices, I've been using mine quite a lot on my phone recently and I've been really enjoying using it!

I think this makes a great gift, maybe for someone for starting university or as a graduation present. This also comes nicely packaged so it looks like a lovely gift and one I would personally love to receive. This is priced at £35 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me!

You can find the range here.
8 comments on "Swarovski Crystalline Pen"
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  2. This is so awesome and so pretty! I love how you can use it for both writing and as a stylus! X

  3. This is so cute, I love how it is a stylus too! Such a good idea x

  4. Oh wow, that's so pretty and dainty!

  5. Ah this pen looks so glam, I bet it helps motivate you! x

  6. The stylus is such a good touch, absolutely love how this pen looks!