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Gumbies Flip Flops

30 April 2015

I was very kindly sent these flip flops by Gumbies, for those of you who don't know Gumbies are a online footwear store available in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia who provide afforadble footwear for both Men, Women and also Children. Gumbies also sell a range of clothing in these departments too!
These flipflops are priced at £20 along with all the rest of the flipflops on this website, these flipflop comes in a range of colours and designs including: Pink, Green, Blue and Black. 
Personally i love the stripe design of these flipflops, with stripes being my favourite pattern these are definitely suited to me and i think that these will be perfect for the summer. One of the things i like about these flipflops is that they are fabric as i think they tend to keep your feet alot cooler than the rubber type material do and the cotton material is very soft on these shoes so adds more comfort to the shoe. Also these flipflops are incredibly comfortable because of the sole of the shoe is made from a rubber material making is softer when you walk. 
Overall i love my flipflops and would highly recommend them to anyone! 

You can find Gumbies at the following:
Website- Gumbies

Love Beauty Box

30 March 2015

Love Me Beauty

For those of you who haven't already heard of this brand, this is a monthly beauty subscription box. I have seen a lot of subscription boxes around and always feel like there is too many to choose from so when i got a promotion code with my Boohoo order i thought why not give this a try at £20 for the three months, normally these boxes are £10 per month.
I only have good things to say about these boxes, first of all on the website you are asked to select a number of your preferences, such as skin type, hair type and favourite type of product etc.. You are then assigned a beauty expert accordingly who will suggest the products they see fit and give some advice. Also you are able to go to what is called the boutique and view all the products and select the products you wish. One thing that is defiantly a positive is the range of different products available to chose from every month and also that the products do change every month every now an again you may find the odd product crop up again but I've only ever seen this once. 
On to what i chose in the February box:  Mirabella Lipgloss, Organic Surge Face Mask, and two Nails Inc Nail Polishes, i have tried out each of these products but will do individual posts for these products but i have loved all the products so far and am really pleased with this box. Next month will be the end of my subscription but i think i will extend my subscription as i have been really pleased so far and i will definitely show you all what finds i get in my March box. 

Any recommendations of any monthly subscription boxes?

Elf Nail Polish

3 March 2015

I was recently sent this product by the lovely people at Product Testing UK, this is a nail varnish by the cosmetic company, elf. For anyone that doesn't know elf is a cosmetic, accessories and tools company who have a wide range of amazing products so if you haven't before i do suggest you check them out because there prices are also amazing!
Id never ever tried out there nail polish previously so i was excited when i received this, i recived the colour Mint Cream which is such a cute colour especially for spring and summer. This nail varnish is priced at £2.50 each and for the price it is most definitely worth it, they have a wide range of colours and from my experience i would say that you only need one coat for this nail varnish which is amazing for a nail varnish this cheap and this nail varnish leaves a lovely glossy look to you're nails and last a couple of days which is in my opinion and experience a very good standard and i am very pleased with the product and will most definitely be purchasing again. 

You can find Product Testing at:
Twitter- Product Testing Uk
Website- Product Testing

Coloristiq Nail Varnish Rental

19 February 2015

I was recently very kindly sent these three nail varnishes by coloristic. 
For those of you who don't know coloristiq is the UK's first online nail polish rental subscription service, with over 170 nail polishes. 
This is a very simple process, Coloristiq will send you 3 nail polishes where you are then able to use each polish 3 times and you then return these polishes within 30 days where you will then be sent you're next box of polishes, this subscription costs £14.49 per month including returns postage. Coloristiq have a range of brand including: Essie, OPI, China glaze and Morgan Taylor. Personally i think this is such a great idea because doesn't everyone get bored of there same old colours and i think this is a great unique idea for a subscription box.
I was sent three shades one by Essie called 'Warm and Toasty Turtleneck' and two by China Glaze, the red shade is called 'Tip Your Hat' and the clear shade is called 'Chillin With My Snow-mies'. I love all of these shades, normally i would of been drawn to the Essie shade because i tend to stick to these darker colours but in fact my favourite has to be the combination of both the China Glaze shades together i think it is such a cute combination.

What is you're favourite?

P.S You can get your first box for free just email and they will do this for you! 

Origins GinZing Gift Set

21 January 2015

Origins gift set
I received this gift set as a christmas present as my mum knew that id be wanting to try out some origins products for some time so i was so excited to try out these products when i received them! Firstly how cute is the little bag that the comes with this gift set, it so adorable! I think this would make the perfect gift for anyone.
This gift set includes:
-GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser 30ml
-GinZing Eye Cream 5ml
-Ginger Burst Savoury Body Wash 50ml
-GinZing Brightening Mascara 14ml
-Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm 7ml (Berry Splash)

Although i haven't tried every single products from this gift set yet (individual reviews coming soon) my favourite has to be the moisturiser, the smell of this product is amazing it smells exactly like Terry's Chocolate Orange and it leaves you're skin feel refreshed and hydrated and also make you're skin appear a lot brighter.  Likewise the eye cream also has this amazing scent which i love and this really does help your eyes look a lot brighter especially of a morning. The lip balm is also amazing, its a hydrating lip balm which does its job well but also this has a tint to it as well and it comes in 8 different shades. I haven't tried the mascara but it claims to brighten and lift you're lashes and I've only heard good things about this product. Lastly is the ginger body wash, which I'm also yet to use as i have so many! but this product smells amazing and obviously i would recommend to anyone who loves the scent of ginger. 

Full review of these and all of the other products coming soon.


Alphabet Accesories

14 January 2015

I received all these lovely items as gifts from my lovely sister for christmas (ill leave her link at the bottom). Ive always loved these initial print products and had my eye on some for a while now so i was so happy to receive them. I think all of these would make an amazing gift for anyone and adds that extra personalised touch which everyone loves! Thinking of it these might make a lovely mothers day gift which will approach sooner than you think! 
Firstly the pillow, i love this so much i think there a cute personal touch to any bedroom and would make it look so cute and £5 i think this is such an amazing price.
These initialised candles are so cute and who doesn't love candles! These i must admit burn pretty fast but what would you expect from a little candle like this but priced at £4 i think these would look cute anywhere around the house also i must admit there isn't so much as a fragrance from this candle it just smells nice and fresh and relaxing.
Lastly is my favourite the mug, this is available from anthropology and are £6, which i was pretty surprised about as i was expecting them to be a lot more but i just love the detail on this mug like the handle and the bottom of this mug, the extra details always make a difference.
What is you're favourite?

You can find these products at the following:
Initialised pillow: Ebay
Initialised candle: Asos
Initialised mug: Anthropologie

Check out my sisters blog: Olivia Mulhearn

My first post this year and in 2 months!

4 January 2015

This is my first post of the new year, can't quite believe I'm writing this as I can't believe how fast the past year has gone. Not only is this my first post of 2015 this is my first post since November! I had a long but much needed break, with me starting university in October I didn't feel I could get the balance between work and my blog and also a bit of me was being lazy, but heres to a new year of blogging, I am hopefully going to get back to regularly blogging but there will be at least one post per week. 

My five goals for 2015:

Learn to Drive 
Its been something I've been meaning to do since i turned 17 but it was something i always seemed to put on the back burner so this year, this month in fact i am determined to start my lessons. 

Get a job
Although I'm at university full time, there is definitely still room for a part time job in there and its been something I've said to myself i was going to get for a while now. 

Visit at least one country or city I've never been before
I am one of those people that seems to stick to the same places when i find something good but i love trying out new places so this year i am going to push myself to go to at least one place I've never been and id love to go to more than one if possible.

Try new things
Whether it be food, experiences or anything at all, i definitely need to step outside my comfort zone and try new things this year.

Most of all, be happy.
Be happy and do more of what makes me happy.

What are you're goals for 2015?

Haul Time

15 November 2014
Haul Time.
Recently I have picked up a few new goodies for myself so i thought id share these with you all.
 Hope you enjoy. 

Mac Lipstick £11.25
Body Shop Bronzer £10
Ted Baker Makeup Bag £14
Yankee Candle Tarts £5.50
Real Techniques Brushes Nic's Picks £20
Let me know what you think of my buys!

Eye Shadows

8 November 2014

I was very kindly sent these eye shadows by the lovely people at Deborah Milano, for those of you who don't know Deborah Milano it is a online store selling a range of makeup and skincare and also sell mens products! Personally i had never tried this brand before so i was very excited to try out this brand! I was sent two eye shadows from the 24 Ore Velvet eye shadows I chose these two colours which are numbers 07 and 19.  Number 19 is the eye shadow on the left, i find that this is the perfect beige colour for any look, this one is a lot more shimmery than the other eye shadow but its such a gorgeous colour! The other is alot more matt than the other and is a lot darker than the other as you can see. These eye shadows are both of a lovely consistancy as they both feel very soft and smooth and are so easy to blend! I absolutely love these and i would definitely recommend these to anyone especially at the price of £5.50! Also these are perfect for taking away with you as these are hie little compact eye shadows with an little applicator too!

You can find these at:
Twitter- Deborah Milano
Facebook- Deborah Milano

Tropic Skincare

20 October 2014

 I was very kindly sent these products by the lovely people at Tropic Skincare, i was so excited as I've heard so many good things about their products and especially their Sculpting Palette Blush has even won an award so as you can imagine i was super excited to try out these products. For those of you who don't know Tropic Skincare was founded by Susan Ma who appeared on The Apprentice, this made it even more exciting for me as I'm a huge fan of The Apprentice. One thing i love about this brand is the fact that all of their cosmetics are free from harsh chemicals and cruelty free. 

Firstly i was sent the Body Smooth Polish 200ml £20, this product claims to smooth, polish and energise the skin and it definitely doesn't fail to do so! Firstly i love the packaging of this product, it is simple yet sleek. The smell is by far the best smelling Body Polish/ Scrub i have ever smelt, it has a very fruity, lemon scent and it literally smells AMAZING!  This product is to be used on damp skin and massaged into the skin, after doing this it really does leave your skin feeling fabulous, you're skin feels super soft and of course smells fabulous! This is honestly the nicest body scrub i have ever used and i will definitely be re purchasing this item again and 100% recommend it to anyone! 

I was also kindly sent the Sculpting Palette Blush and the Angled Brush. I literally can't say enough about this palette, it really is amazing! This palette has three different products in one, firstly is the Shadow, secondly the Colour and lastly the Highlight. I find that the Shadow is quite dark but then again i am like Caspar The Ghost but i just apply a little product to the brush and its works perfectly. The Colour and the Highlight are my two favourites, they work perfectly together and the colours are just lovely the pink is the perfect rosy pink shade and the highlight leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant. This is priced at £24 which i think is very reasonable for this high palette and would also defintley repurchase this! Also to go with this Palette i received this Angled Brush that was priced at £14 which is about average for a a good quality brush, i definitely think this brush is worth buying as i find it is just the right size and the angled shape really does help to create the look you want. 

Overall i would defintley recommend anyone to have a try at any of the Tropic Skincare products as from what i have tried out, they are amazing and i will definitely be repurchasing. 

You can find tropic Skincare at the following:
Website: Tropic Skincare
Twitter: Tropic Skincare