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Nails Haul

23 March 2014

(From left to right)

Elegant Touch- rapid dry for nails
Elegant Touch- Envy Wraps
Ciate- Base Coat
Ciate- Top Coat

This elegant touch rapid dry spray for nail is one of the best things ive ever bought, if your impatient like me then this will be your new best friend! This literally leaves your nails touch dry in about one minute and it doesn't smell too bad either.
I found these elegant touch nail wraps on sale in boots for 75p! So i thought id give these a go, I love the pattern and colour of these and I think they will be perfect in summer/spring.
I love ciate nail varnishes so i thought it was about time I try these top and base coats, so far ive been really enjoying using them. The top coat really does make your nails alot shiny and glossier and defintley makes your nail polish last a lot longer. 
8 comments on "Nails Haul"
  1. heyyyyy I nominated you for the Liebster Award, have fun!

    Hannah xo

  2. I could really do with some nail spray, I am so impatient waiting on my nails to dry!

  3. You found a great bargain, and the spray sounds so handy especially for clumsy people like me! xxx

  4. Oooo a spray-on drying top coat! Cool! Having to wait for nails to dry can be so ahhh sometimes haha gotta have a good top coat for those quick paints! Haven't tried any Ciate polishes before :o but definitely would like to, heard great things about 'em!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  5. I am always in a hurry and I need to get me some of that spray! Thanks for making me aware. Awesome post :) x

  6. I picked up some of those Envy Wraps too. Would be rude not to at that price! :)

  7. I've never used a rapid dry spray for nails before, but it sounds amazing. I hate it when my nails get messed up, because I'm not patient enough to wait until they're completely dry =)

  8. I've got the Elegance spray and absolutely love it! Good for the money and it's quite cheap :) xoxo