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Degusta Box

9 May 2014


I was very kindly sent a Degusta box to try. If you don't know what Degusta box is,they are a Spanish based company who send you a box of new and latest products out for £12.99 a month. 
This month I got a range of products as can be seen above, there is a list of what was included: 
Crabbies Ginger Beer- Raspberry. This is supper sweet so is perfect for the summer season! 
Lindit- 3 lindor 38g chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? These are delicious and perfect for taking anywhere you wish. 
Cawston Press- Rhubarb can. This has no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners so this makes a perfect soft drink.
Clearspring- Miso on the go soup this is also perfect for on the go as you literally have to add water and you have soup! 
Go Splash- Blackcurrant. I love this concept, I think this is perfect for on the go or to take on holidays. This is also perfect as it's sugar free but adds flavour to water. 
Keoghs- Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisp. I haven't tried these but these sound amazing and I can't wait to try them. 
Mcvities- Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls. These are in tropical and berry burst so are very sweet for those of you have a sweet tooth you will love them, there also very very fruity! 
Dr. Oetker- milk/dark chocolate. These are fab for baking and you can see below the recipe and pictures of the brownies I made using this.
Mornflake- Superfast Pots. These are fab for on the go (there seems to be a running theme) as you can take them into work for breakfast or even a snack if your in a rush. 

Overall I think this box is so good and such a good idea to try out new brands and flavours!  So I would definitely recommend trying these to anyone! 

If anyone wants to try a box, I have a discount code you can all use for £3.00 off: SHC6F
You can check them out on the following:
Twitter- +Degustabox 

I thought I'd share a recipe I made using these ingredients, I made one of my favorites, brownies using the Dr.Oetker dark chocolate I got in my Degusta box so here goes!
You will need: 
4 Eggs
65g Plain Flour
1 Tsp Backing Powder
80g Cocoa Powder
360g Caster Sugar 
200g Dark Chocolate 
250g Butter 

It's very simple to make these, I used Viviannas recipe she posted on her channel if you want to watch her video I will leave her link below, if you dont know who she is you should check her out.

Before you start preheat your oven to 180C
1. Add chocolate and butter together and melt (I used microwave) 
2. Then add all the dry ingredients together (flour, backing powder, cocoa powder and caster sugar) 
3. Then add the chocolate and butter mix to the dry ingredients 
4. Crack eggs in a separate bowl and wisk
5. Add eggs to the rest of the mix
6. Add to lined backing tin 
7. Leave in oven for around 35 minutes
8. Leave to cool for around 30 minutes

Here are two photos of what the mixture should look like once mixed and what it should look like when its in the backing tin.

2 comments on "Degusta Box"
  1. Those brownies look amazing! Pretty good looking box for a food lover! x

    1. Thanklyu, very easy to make too! And I agree! X