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First Impressions: Elegant Touch

7 May 2014

I've never done a first impressions before but I thought I would for this product as it's fairly new on the market and though it would be good to compare against when I've tried these out. 
Straight away I thought these were a fab idea, who wouldn't? The idea of perfect looking nails without any glue needed at all! Each pack contains 24 pre glued nails in 10 different sizes so should be prefect for everyone. This also comes with a prep wipe for before applying the nails and a handy nail file. 
These are applied In a Few simple steps: wash nails with soppy water, dry thoroughly and clean with prep wipe. Peel of the protective film and simply press them down on your nail. How easy does this sound? Personally I think this is just a fab idea, and I really hope that they live up to my expectations because these definitely sound like they are going to be a favourite product. 
The colours shown above are Polished Neon Chick and Trend Peach Ombré but the is a wide variety of colours for everyone! 
I will post a full review of these soon so be sure to keep a look out. 

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