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Degusta Box- June

18 July 2014

As some of you may know I reviewed a Degusta box back in April and they very kindly asked me if id like to review another box this June, so here goes.

This months box included:

  1. Estrella Damm Beer- this is a award winning Spanish beer and would be great with any meal but especially tapas, this is retailed at £4.00 each.
  2. Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Flutes- this is a new range of Italian flutes, I got sent the Amaretto flavour but actually contain no alcohol so I cant wait to try these, they retail at £2.59.
  3. Urban Fruit Strawberry flavor- these are fruit that have been baked and are in little packs perfect for on the go, these are one of my favorite things in this box! These retail at £1.09 each and come in three different flavour Strawberry, Pineapple and Mango.
  4. BEAR Alphabites- this is actually my favourite thing in the box as I am a massive cereal lover, these are crunchy cereal letters and are multigrain so are even healthy and I think these are so nice and would definitely purchase these again. These are retailed at £2.69 per box.
  5. Veetee Basmati & Wild Rice- these are very convenient microwaveable rice packets, these are ready in two minutes. I used this as a base and added chicken, egg, onions and peas to make it alot more adventurous and was very tasty. These are retailed at £1.49 each. 
  6. DR. OETKER Madagascan Vanilla Grinder- this is a vanilla grinder that contains pods that can be used to grind into cakes or used as toppings to add that extra flavour. I haven't yet used these but im sure I will use these very soon in my baking! These are retailed at £4.99.
  7. Lambrini Strawberry- this is a new flavour for Lambrini for summer which is a light and fruity flavour which is perfect for summer. This is retailed at a very reasonable £3.29.
  8. Be Fast Banana- these are breakfast on the go so are perfect for those who have to be up supper early and dont have alot of time for breakfast. These contain fibre, protein and are low in fat. I received two banana flavours in my box but these also come in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours. These are retailed at £1.00 each which I think is very reasonable.

You can find Degusta box at the following:

Website- Degustabox

I have a discount code for anyone wanting to order a box- 7ABVH

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  1. Lovely products thank u for the code :)
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  2. this is such a good idea, it definitely seems worth the money! The vanilla grinder sounds amazing :) x

  3. I love the look of this box, is it veggie friendly? xxx