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25 July 2014

I was very kindly sent this bag by LYDC. This is the Gracie shoulder bag, I really wasn't expecting to receive this bag so I was so happy when I received the email confirming I would receive this bag it was even better when this was waiting for me when i got back from holiday. I love this bag so much, I think this bag is so versatile and is the perfect size it isn't too big and isn't too small. I think this is perfect for on a day out and I think it will also be perfect for when I start uni. I love the structure of this bag and i also really like the way this bag only has one handle as this makes it very unusual. Also this is versatile as this can be a shoulder bag aswell!
This is priced at £35, I think this is a very reasonable price for a bag and worth the money as the quality of this bag is fab. This also come in two other colours: blue and pink. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Overall I absolutely love this bag and I cant wait to go out and use this! I'm going to feature this in a outfit post very soon (when i get my DSLR ahhhh!)
What do you think of this bag?

You can find them at the following:
Twitter- +LYDC Official 
Website- LYDC

10 comments on "LYDC Bag"
  1. That bag is an amazing price- it looks gorgeous xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous bag! You're right it'd be perfect for so many different occasions and looks like it'd last a really long time! xx

  3. Such a pretty bag and I agree very reasonably priced.
    I can't help but notice you're on 999 bloglovin followers.
    Congrats on being 1 of a massive milestone!

  4. This is a lovely bag! It's always fun coming home and seeing surprises! :)


  5. Gorgeous bag, very classic and chic! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted. Thanks!

    Camille xo.

  6. It's gorgeous! Thanks for following me lovely, following you back :)


  7. The bag looks gorgeous! Reminds me a bit of Michael Kors :)

  8. I love this bag, it looks so elegant! You're right when you say it's the perfect size to fit books and stuff, without it looking bulky :) xx

  9. This bag looks gorgeous and has a lot of space to put things in