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27 August 2014

I was very kindly sent these flip-flipflops by Ipanema. For those you who don't know Ipanema are a Brazilian brand selling a wide range of flip-flops and sandals for both men, women and kids. 

I can't say enough of these flip-flops, first of all i love the look of them i think they are lovely! Also these are the comfiest flip-flops I've ever worn, literally i don't think ill ever buy flip flops from any other brand anymore! Also what i love is the fact that these have quite a thick sole because a lot of flip-flops are very thin meaning they don't last very long and aren't half as comfy because you can often feel the floor as your walking so i love love love how thick these flip flops are. I can't find these exact ones online but there are very similar ones, I think all there flip-flops are very reasonably priced and would recommend them to anyone! 

P.s they have a sale on at the minute so i would definitely go and have a look

You can find them at the following:
Twitter-  IpanemaOfficial 

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5 comments on "Ipanema"
  1. these flip flops look SO comfy!! glad you liked them :)


  2. They look like such good quality! I love flip flops for the summer so I'll definitely be checking them out! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. They look lovely, I definitely can't stand how quickly flip flops wear out so they sound great xx

    Blonde of carbs

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  5. These look sooo comfy! I dunno how a photo can make shoes look comfortable but this certainly does haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle x