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Eye-fi Mobi Wifi Card

8 November 2015

I was sent this eye-fi mobi wifi card to try out last month and after giving it a good try for the past month i thought id write a review of what i thought about this card.
Overall i really do like this memory card and it comes in so so handy for blogging and helps saves a lot of time, before i go into detail i should tell you what the eye-fi memory card is.
Basically you put the memory card into your camera like you would any other memory card and then you download the app that is available in conjunction with this memory card. This card has built in wifi so for example once you've taken your photo and its stored on your camera you are able to transfer these to your mobile devices using wifi and they simply transfer to the app on your mobile where you can chose which photographs you would like to save.
This is priced at £34.99 per year but you can get the first 3 months free, this is for the 8GB card and then the price for the 16 GB card us £49.99 and 32GB for £65.99

But overall id definitely give this a try it comes in so handy for blogging!
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