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Mac Lipstick Collection: The Nudes

20 April 2017

I love Mac, If you follow me on Instagram you will definitely already know this because I'm forever posting  photos of my products, so I thought it was only right that I shared my Mac lipstick collection.

Velvet Teddy 
This is one of Mac's most popular shades made famous by Kylie Jenner, I love this shade but it seems to come up darker on me than most other people, this must be because of my skin tone but as you can see this looks like a dark nude shade. I love Mac's matte formula, so much so Mac matte lipsticks are actually my all time favourite and its actually rare now that I reach for anything else, they are so creamy and pigmented and last all day, apart from when you eat I do sometimes have to re apply but I don't mind that.

This is one I love but don't reach for as often, I use this along side my whirl lip liner to create the perfect look, this is quite a dark almost dark red colour so I think its perfect for winter and don't reach for it that much during the summer months.

Honey love
Now I could literally go on forever and ever about this lipstick, this is my all time favourite lipstick, its the perfect everyday nude and I literally wear it on a daily basis, I always have it in my bag. This would suit just about anyone, I also wear the strip down lip liner with this and its the perfect match its the combo I just cant live without! I had to rebuy this last month too which shows you how much I love this haha!

Midi Mauve
This is a browny nude that again I love, this is the lustre finish which I have to admit isn't my favourite finish as I love a matte finish, so this shade looks glossier on the lips than any of the other shades. The one thing I love about this formula is the finish, they are really moistening and don't make your lips feel dry what so ever.

I bought this because id seen it on so many people and loved although I do feel like it is quite similar to whirl but a bit brighter rather than darker like whirl. Again this one i tend to go for more during the autumn seasons with it being darker but its a staple in my collection that I definitely will rebuy!

This is the more pink lipstick of them all, I have super pale skin and this really suits my skin tone and makes the perfect shade for summer. This is a satin finish, they have the same lasting power as the matte finish and if not a big longer which is great!

What is your favourite Mac lipstick?
12 comments on "Mac Lipstick Collection: The Nudes "
  1. You have such a gorgeous collection! I love the look of Taupe!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I really want velvet teddy, my favourite is lovelorn

    Tasha x

  3. Always loved their nudes! The only one I don't own is Honeylove but I definitely need it.

    Terri /

  4. I loveeee nude lipsticks. I don't wear them too often but I have a tonne. I love velvet teddy!

  5. These are all gorgeous! I still have never bought a mac lipstick! Really want to get Velvet Teddy one day!

    Tiffany x

  6. Some beautiful nude colours here! I like pinky lipsticks so my fave is Angel 🌸

  7. Currently loving Velvet Teddy and need to pick up Taupe! Just can't get enough of MAC lipsticks! :) x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. Whirl, Persistence and Taupe or my favs! I always go for the nudes ahah but these are stunning choices x

  9. I have honey love but it looks a completely different shade on my skin to yours! Love it though!

  10. wow these look incredible, I love mac lipsticks also x