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Pixi Beauty Review!

11 October 2017
I was recently sent over these products by Pixi by complete surprise, can you imagine waking up to this parcel?! It safe to say I was one very happy girl. Without giving away too much just yet, the products are amazing, keep reading to see what I think of each product.

Pixi beauty

Aspynovard Glow-y Powder 
pixi beauty
First of all I love this product because its a collaboration with a fellow blogger and youtuber, its so great seeing bloggers doing wonderful things like collaborating with a brand like Pixi. Also helps that this a fab product, I received the shade Rome Rose, this powder has a subtle pink tone to it make it the perfect blush shade whereas the other powders could be used as a highlighter. I like how subtle this is making it easy to build up to suit different skin tones and to create different looks. This is also only £14, a bargain for such a great product, you can find it here. 

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse 
pixi beauty double cleanse

Again a product made in collaboration with a fellow Youtuber and Blogger, this double cleanse provides a solid cleansing oil on one side and a cleansing cream on the other. I have been using this in my daily skincare routine for the past month and I have been really enjoying it so far, I have very dry skin and struggle to find things that don't irate my sensitive skin but this feels so soft and gentle on the skin, the soil cleanser also leaves my skin feeling so clean like every bit of makeup or die has been removed which is great.  This product is £24 and is available here.

Pixi Glow Tonic 
pixi glow tonic

I was literally so excited to try this because I have literally heard so many good things, this is a toner that aims to give smoother, brighter and clearer skin. Firstly I love the scent of this product, along with the cleanser I have started using this in my daily skincare routine and the combination of them both has left my skin looking fresh and kept spots at bay which I am loving! This product comes in two sizes, one is 100ml perfect for traveling or just for first trying the product or a larger size which is better value for money 250ml for £18 you can find it here. 

Maryam Maquillage Strobe & Bronze Palette 
pixie maryam strobe palette

Again another collaboration with a blogger and youtuber, this palette features three highlighting and three bronzing shades. I have been trying them all out recently and I must say I prefer the bronzers over the highlighters for me the highlighters just aren't pigmented enough you would have to really build them up if you want a glowy look which I always want but haven't always got the time for before uni or work. Overall I do love this palette and I cant wait to use it some more, you can find it here.

Get the look- Its Eye Time 
pixi its judy time eye shadow palette

pixi its judy time eye shadow palette

Again collaboration with a Youtuber, this palette was made in collaboration with Its Judy Time a youtuber who I have watched and loved for years so I was so excited to have a product made in collaboration with her. So this eyeshadow palette has an amazing range of 12 different colours that you can see from the swatches, the colours are perfect for the autumn season, the one thing I love about this palette is how pigmented these shades are and they blend out so well I'm obsessed with shade ping and night night, they both are incredible colours to blend! You can find this palette here. 

I hope you enjoyed this review of Pixi Beauty, have any of you tried and loved any of their products? Let me know!

8 comments on "Pixi Beauty Review!"
  1. I really love how simple the packaging is. I think it's about time I picked some bits up x

  2. I need to repurchase glow tonic because I used it constantly and loved how it made my skin feel and really helped it become a lot smoother! xx

  3. I really want to try the glow tonic as I've heard so much about it! I've tried the double cleanse and I loved it at first but it stopped agreeing with my skin after a while :( the eyeshadow palette includes some beautiful autumnal colours too! xx

  4. I haven't tried any Pixi products yet but these do look amazing, I really want to try the double cleanse x

  5. Ahhh these sound amazing, you're a lucky girl! x

  6. I wouldn’t mind waking up to that parcel either, everything looks lovely! I would love to try the ‘it’s eye time’ palette

    Tasha x

  7. I've been seriously wanting to try this range forever! I love how photogenic the products are too - always a bloggers fave