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DHC Japanese Beauty

11 March 2018
Being in the beauty blogger community means you hear so much about amazing skincare and beauty brands and Japanese skincare is no different, I've wanted to try some bits for so so long! Skincare is a hit and miss with me as I do have eczema so my skin is super dry and sensitive hence me spending a small fortune on the next best thing to help dry skin!

DHC Cleansing Oil

This is the product I've been loving most of all, this cleansing oil can be used to take off your makeup up or just to cleanse, I've been using it after using my micellar water to take any access makeup off and cleanse my skin at the same time. So far I've been loving using it, it makes my dry skin feel hydrated it just feels amazing on the skin i can only describe it as soft and silky because it really is! Also i have to say that i love the fact it comes with a pump because so many oils don't and it just makes life so much easier, its the simple things! This comes at £24 which I think is a reasonable price considering the 200ml size.

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs

These are cotton buds that are infused with olive oil, each of them come individually wrapped and you get 50 of them in one pack for £6.75. These are made with the idea of them being used to get rid of makeup smudges and blemishes and for any dedicate areas including eyes, nose and ears. I have used it for a number of things, I've used it when doing my nails to clean up, for my ears, when i have applied eye makeup and they just come in so handy! I think they are perfect for on the go and for travelling too! These come at £6.75 for a box of 50 which i think is bargain!!

Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection & Liquid Eyeliner EX

Firstly the mascara, Ive been using this for a while now and i really like it the brush applicator is nice and easy to use not too big not too small but allows you to do your bottom lashes easily. This give quite a natural look, not too dramatic but does make your lashes look lovely and long. This is priced at £15.90 so a little more than your average high street mascara

Next the eyeliner, i don't really own many eyeliners as I'm awful at applying it so i don't have much to compare it too.  So far from having a play round with it i like the tip as its very pointy so makes application easy, the colour is a pure black which is exactly what you would want and at £16 you cant complain. P.S its actually on sale for £12 now!

Velvet Skin Coat

This is a primer for all skin types, it aims to reduce fine lines, pores and imperfections so I've been trying out with my everyday makeup routine and so far so good. Ive found it does make my makeup last a lot longer than it would without the primer, i feel as though this helps your foundation go on easier than usual and overall gives a more finished, polished look. Although i would say this may work better for people with oily skin or normal skin as mine is very very dry and i don't feel as though it gives me any hydration which is something that i normally look for in a primer.

Have you ever tried anything from this range?

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