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My Make-up Brush Set

18 May 2018
Im back with a new blog post after seven weeks, life got crazy from uni work to starting a new job life has taken over but i have finally got round to writing a new post.

So i recently received these gorgeous brushes from the guys over at my make-up brush set so I've been trying them for a while now so i can give you my opinions on them!

My make-up brush set

My make-up brush set

My make-up brush set

Firstly we must comment on the design, these brushes are just so pretty with their mermaid design! This comes as one set the 5 Piece Rainbow Mermaid Set personally their are two brushes i get more use out of, one for contour and another for my eye shadow and i love them.

The brushes themselves are super soft making application feel amazing  although i do feel as though you have to be careful to not leave marks from brush strokes on your face but then again i do find this with a lot of brushes so isn't unusual. I find these are easy to clean too which is most definitely a bonus, who wants to make a tedious job any more tedious.

I would definitely recommend checking them out as they have a huge range of different brushes in different patterns  aswell as actual makeup which I'm yet to try myself so their is bound to be something everyone loves and they are also a bargain at around £15 a set with five brushes included.

What makeup brushes are you loving right now?
3 comments on "My Make-up Brush Set "
  1. I was supposed to be looking for Marketing Essay help but here I am admiring these mermaid shape makeup brushes but I can not help it. they are so pretty, I will save money now to get these brushes as they will make my dressing table more aesthetic plus they look suer soft as well.

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