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Haul Time...

19 August 2014
Kate Spade Phone Case

My First Two Real Techniques Brushes

Nail Varnishes

Nail Varnishes 


I picked up a few bits on my travels recently so i thought id share them with yous because i know everyone loves a haul!

Firstly i picked up this phone case from Kate spade that i have wanted for so long so i thought id treat myself and finally buy it. I found out about Kate Spade from other bloggers and you tubers and ever since i have been obsessed, if you don't know what Kate Spade is then id suggest you check them out!

Next i picked up my first two real technique brushes! I know I'm very late with the whole real techniques phase but i have just never ever got round to buying them and i picked up the blush brush and the expert face brush and i can't wait to wear these.

I went a bit overboard with the nail varnishes and ended up picking up six new colours and as you can probably tell grey is my favourite colour so i thought id stock up on some cute grey colours. Ive never tried ORLY  before but I've heard good things so i picked two of those up and i picked up one of my favourite brand Essie and three Rimmel 60 second polishes as these are such good value and such cute shades! I will include swatches of all these colours in a future blog post.
Ill leave the names to all of the shades below:

(From left to right)
ORLY- kiss the bride
ORLY- Mirror Mirror 
Essie- Hors d'oeuvres
Rimmel- Grey Matter
Rimmel- Little Bo Peep
Rimmel- Cupcake Pink

Lastly i picked up two Rimmel lipsticks and one Calvin Klein lipstick, I've heard good things about the Rimmel lipsticks so i can't wait to try them! I don't hear much about Calvin Klein anymore but i thought id give it ago anyway. I will include these in a blog post with swatches soon! Ill leave the shade below:

(From left to right)
Rimmel- 700 Nude Delight
Calvin Klein- First Kiss
Rimmel- 160 Rose Passion

Whats your favourite shades i picked up?
24 comments on "Haul Time..."
  1. I have been so tempted to buy the real technique brushes too, they look so good and so many bloggers seem to rave about them. As for the nail polishes, you can never have enough! xx

  2. Love monochrome anything, so I love that phone case!! x

    tmzn loves x

  3. Oh I am so jealous of that phone case, swoooon, and the brushes I am desperate to get some good make up brushes xxx

    1. hahaha id wanted it for ages and i finally invested in some x

  4. I'm sure you're gonna love RT brushes, I ordered a new set today and can't wait for it to arrive.

  5. I love my Real Techniques buffing brush, it's my baby! Love the phone case, and the lipsticks, I just want everything there!x

    1. oww im glad you like i can't wait to use it! and haha glad you liked what i picked x

  6. Love the lippys colour! And the nail polish look so cute

  7. That phone case is so gorgeous! Love the things you got :)

  8. the expert face brush was my first RT brush, too

    check out my latest posts? PS if you have any questions about college/ secondary school please leave them in my latest post :)

  9. That phone case is adorable!! xo