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Degusta Box

23 January 2016

Ive been receiving Degusta boxes each month for quite a while now, so heres this months box!

Firstly i recieved Geeta's curry paste and chutney, this is priced at £3.10. I think this would be perfect for a Indian night for two! The curry paste is suitable for two people, this contains coconut and exotic spices. The chutney would be perfect to go with popadoms for a starter.
I also received a pack of 9Bar these are active bars full of nutrition and are perfective for anyone who lives an active life to add a boost of energy. 
Another product i received was the naked marshmallows, these are salted caramel marshmallows I'm yet to try these but these look so cute i think these would be cute as a little gift to someone too!
Also i received two Circo products, La Classica is a sauce ready to use for pasta as well as chopped tomatoes which are perfect to use in many different dishes. 
Next is my favourite product from the box, The Snack Organisation sweet chilli rice crackers. I love rice crackers anyway but these were so so good there priced at £1.00 and i will definitely be buying them again!Another product from The Snack Organisation was the dried apricots which were also very yummy and priced at £1.00 so these both make very cheap little snacks. 
Another product was the chip strips these were also very tasty they were a bit powdery but still tasty, these are priced at £2.00 each.
Next is the Kabuto chicken noodle pot, i love chicken flavoured noodles so its safe to say i was going to like these and i certainly did they were very flavoury and are a good little snack.
Lastly, is the Lorina french lemonade I'm still yet to try these but it sounds and looks lovely, its full of 100% natural ingredients which is a bonus!

Also included in this box was a voucher for a free President butter!

You can now get £6.00 off this box using the code: BLDEG15

You can find them at the following:

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