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Mr. Nutcase Mug

5 January 2016

I recently got a personalised mug from Mr.Nutcase, for those of you who don't know Mr.Nutcase is a online service that personalises the likes of phone cases, laptop cases and mugs for which the have a range of models as they facilitate a wide range of phone models and brands. Also for each of the brands there are numerous different layouts which you can choose from which is great.

The website is very simple to use so the process of designing a product is quite enjoyable and very simple. You simply select the product in which you would like and then depending on the product for example if its a phone or laptop you have to select the model and brand and for items such as mugs as canvas you select the style and size you would like to purchase. You then  get to choose how your images are layed out for each of the products, for example how many pictures you would like on the mug, for mine i selected six images as i wanted them to be big enough to be able to see each of the images.

The price of this mug was £5.95 which i think is very reasonable for a personalised gift and would be a ideal stocking filler for anyone! Overall I'm very impressed with the service, the fast delivery and the overall quality of the product and i would highly recommend Mr.Nutcase to anyone.

You can find Mr. Nutcase at the following:
Website: Mr. Nutcase 
Twitter:  Mr.Nutcase
Facebook: Mr.Nutcase
3 comments on "Mr. Nutcase Mug"
  1. awwww so cute! I'd love one :) Will definitely check them out. x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  2. This is such a lovely Idea, might have to get one for my friends birthday! :)

    Abbie xx

  3. This looks so cool! Would make a good gift