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Love Me Beauty

15 January 2016

This months Love Me Beauty box i received three products: Neal and Wold intensive care shampoo, Percy and Reed foaming treatment mask and Cailyn eyebrow gel. 

I literally have fallen in love with this shampoo its become my new favourite shampoo i find it so hard to find a nice shampoo because finding the balance between one that doesn't make my hair look greasy or only lasts a day without my hair actually being greasey is really hard for me. But this leave my hair feeling so so soft.

The foaming treatment mask is equally as good i feel as though this is a luxury for my hair to treat it and it leaves it feels so healthy and feels as though it adds volume at the same time i would highly recommend this product but at £20 i do see this as a treat for my hair I've been using it once a week so fa and I'm loving it.

The carlin gel eyebrow is the other product i received, this is waterpoof and is of a gel formula. This comes with an angled brush so is very convenient especially for traveling. So far I'm really enjoying using this product, its a lovely consistency in-between powder and gel formula which makes it really build able but at the same time easy to apply.

What beauty boxes do you love?
1 comment on "Love Me Beauty "
  1. I've never tried an eyebrow gel before, it looks quite good might have to try!

    Demi xxx