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1 February 2016

These are my top 6 things I'm currently wanting right now.

Firstly is this puma jumper, although i don't like to be stereo typical i am a blogger and yes i do love rose gold so this jumper just jumps out at me, I'm loving it right now and it look like it would be super comfy. This is avaliable here from asos for £32 which i don't think is too bad. 

Next is this Marc Jacobs watch, i already have a Marc Jacobs watch but when i was getting it i was debating between this and another and now I'm really wanting this one too. The best deal i found for this watch is here from Living Social deals.

Next is this pandora ring, i love pandora rings there probably one of my favourites and I'm in love with this one, its probably one of there more expensive rings at £60 but would be perfect for a extra special gift. You can find this here.

Next is these sunglasses, these are available here from asos. I don't quite know what it is about these sunglasses that grabs my attention but i love them they would be perfect for the summer time. 

Oh, these shoes. I am desperate for these there available here from asos. I think these would just look lovely with a pair of jeans. Theres something different about these that i just love, love, love.

Lastly is this jacket, this is just something anyone could pick for me. Im obsessed with little jackets as spring and autumn are my favourite times of the year i love just being able to wear little jackets all the time and this suede jacket would just be perfect. This available here from misguided. 

What are you wanting right now?

1 comment on "My Wishlist..."
  1. Aaaah those shoes are so beautiful, no wonder they are in your wishlist! may need to check them out too :) My wishlist goes up tomorrow :)