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Top 4 Lipsticks..

17 May 2016

I thought id put together my top 4 lipsticks, these are the lipsticks i wear the most and always look for in my collection. As I'm writing this post I've taken the first picture and forgot to do swatches by the time your reading this you will see if i was lazy and didn't include them or i actually went and took them.
The first lipstick from this picture is the Ciate lipstick from there limited edition collection with Olivia Palmero in shade Praline. First of all isn't the packaging really cute? I love little details like the bow on the lipstick and there is also one on the top of the lid. This lipstick is a satin finish lipstick, its so sooo soft and creamy and has such a good colour pay off. I love the colour of this, i tend not to wear this on a everyday basis but on more of a special occasion. You can still get these here from Feel Unique.

The next lipstick is by Mac, my favourite brand for not everything but definitely for lipsticks. This shade is Whirl, i received this as a christmas present having wanting it for some time and i love it, its one of those lipsticks that suits my skin tone which i find hard with darker lipsticks as I'm very pale. There isn't much else i can say about these really as i have no negatives about mac lispticks, i love the matt range and i think its actually the only range i own as matte as you can probably tell is by far my favourite type of lipstick. 

Another mac lipstick that is my favourite is Honeylove, i think this is the perfect everyday shade it is so wearable on a day to day basis for work, college, uni, drinks etc.. It does look quite orange toned on this picture although i would say it has got a slight orange ting to it i would still class it as one of my nudes. 
Lastly is this Nyx lipstick, this lipstick was the first lipstick that i had got from Nyx haven seen this was a dupe for a mac lipstick i wanted but i cant think for the life of me what one it was. This is from Nyx Matte lipstick range in shade whipped caviar MLS15, I'm not going to lie I'm not fussed on the packaging it feel kind of cheap and plastic but for the price who can complain, not me! These are quite soft and the colour pay off is really good the only negative thing about these is that they don't last long at all, i find it needs reapplying quite frequently.If you want to get your hands on one of these i bought mine from boots for £6.50 ill leave the link here

6 comments on "Top 4 Lipsticks.."
  1. These are 4 gorgeous colours, suitable for any time of year. I can see why these are your favourites.
    And who doesn't love a MAC lipstick!
    Sharon X

  2. I love the look of whirl! I also find it harder to find a dark lipstick that suits me! xx

    1. I always did too, until i came across Whirl!

  3. Honeylove is on my wishlist. My local MAC counter doesn't have it :/ hah

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    1. Its my fav, i got mine in the airport so i only paid £12 for mine luckily!