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Personalised Hairdryer by LanaIBLO

21 January 2018
Hi! Todays post is another brand collaboration, my favourite one for a very long time! I love anything personalised and this post features just that, how exciting! 
So I got the chance to work with LanaIBLO is an amazing brand selling hairdryers and I got the chance to chose one which you can see below.  

 The hairdryers come in three different colours: black, white and pink. As you can clearly see I chose the black hairdryer, this offers 2400 watt power hairdryer which I must say is one of my favourite things about the hairdryer, it literally is so powerful that it feels professional. They also use iconic technology, that gives an anti static, smooth effect which i think is great!

My favourite thing about these hairdryers is that you are able to personalise them and for me with the name Helena, its impossible to get anything with my name on so any chance I get I jump at! This does have an extra cost of £15 but I think its definitely worth it!

The hairdryer overall costs £99 which yes might sound steep but you are getting a very professional hairdryer that will last longer than the usual.

If you want to get your hands one of find out more then you can find them here: LanaIBLO hairdryer! 

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