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Wonderland Makeup!

1 February 2018
So todays post is all about makeup brand Wonderland, they aim to provide high end, cruelty free makeup for all. Admittedly its one I haven't heard of much as they are a online only brand as far as I am aware.  

So I've been trying this primer out for about one 2 months now and so far so good, I have really dry skin so a good primer is essential for me! Firstly the packaging, I love the sleek black and white design of this product and the transparency so you are able to see how much product is actually left. One thing I love about this product is how far the product goes, I use the smallest amount on my face and it works perfectly! From using this I have noticed a difference in how my makeup looks, it all together looks more polished and smooth and my makeup lasts all day!

Nail Polish- Bubblegum £6

So the next thing is cute nail polish, admittedly I'm more of a pale pink kinda girl but I think this is a perfect shade for the summer time like just imagine this with a tan! After trying this out I would recommend you do two coats of this to get the best colour, not that its a bad thing because its very rare i ever only do one coat! One thing i did like was how quick it dried because I'm the most impatient person in the world, for £6 i definitely would recommend this!

Pigment- Candy

Loose pigments are not a product I've used very often so I was interested in trying this out, straight away I knew that this colour would be amazing on the eyes! I love how this one product can be used in so many different way yet ti only costs £6, what a bargain!! The pigment of this is amazing, once on the lids it makes a real statment and I would highly recommend trying these to anyone!

If you want to try out anything from Wonderland Makeup you can find the link here.

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*These products were kindly sent as a PR package, all opinions are my own
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