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InStyler hair tools review

18 February 2018

So todays post is in collaboration with InStyler, they are online retailer and are also stocked in Boots and Argos. They have a wide range of amazing hair tools that you should definitely check out if your'e in to hair styling!! 
inStyler max, inStyler inStyler glossie

inStyler max, inStyler, InSTYLER glossier
This InStyler Glosssie tool is a styling brush, so it can style and brush your hair at the same time, how convenient! Its so easy to use, simply just turn it on with one button put your hair in-between and brush like normal, it gives the same effect as normal hair straighteners and make my hair look perfectly straight, I think this would be perfect for anyone with frizzy hair as it brushes at the same time. One thing I love about this is how lightweight it is, makes it so easy to use!  Also if your forgetful or paranoid that you are going to leave them switched on then these will be great because the automatically turn off! 
These are available to buy for £59.99! 

InStyler MAX
inStyler max, inStyler

inStyler max, inStyler

This InStyler MAX is my favourite of the two hair tools, this is very versatile allowing you to create, straight, wavy and curly hair! You simply wrap a section of your hair around the barrel and push the tong together where the barrel will then rotate to give your a curly or wavy look or you can simply place your hair in-between the barrel and brush to straighten! This product is usually priced at £89.99 but is on sale at the moment £69.99 which i think is a bargain with you being able to do so much with one tool.

What hair tools do you love?

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