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What I Got For Christmas 2017

6 January 2018

Where has this year gone? I cant quite believe that Christmas is over or another year, Christmas is my favourite time of the year I love everything about it including the build up. Today we took down the decorations for another year so we can start the year a fresh, that being said my last Christmas related post is here... I thought I would share what I got for Christmas with you guys because lets be honest were all a lil nosey aren't we?!

Ok so your probably wondering why a 21 year old got a unicorn teddy for Christmas but Im just obsessed, if your wondering why it look familiar its the unicorn from Despicable Me and ever since I watched it I've wanted one for myself so my boyfriend must of been sick of hearing me talk about it so finally caved and bought me it!

Id seen these chocolates ages ago and said how cool they were so my boyfriend remembered and got me them!

How cute is this blush pink makeup bag? my sister got both of these after me going on about wanting  eos for so long!
I love initial things so my mum&dad picked me up this to put away for the day i get my own house, p.s I'm 21 and have no intention on moving out any time soon but everytime i see something cute i get it an put it away in a box (i now have 4 huge boxes) for the day i do move out!

I knew my mum and dad had got me these because i did ask for them i needed a new pair of slippers and i thought these were gorgeous

Again I asked from this from my mum and dad I've always loved this style of ring so when i seen pandora had one i knew i had to have it!

You always know that one person that loves Yankee, well thats me! My boyfriends Nan and Grandad got me this because they clearly know about my obsession!

My sister picked me this up, I love rose gold an i love anything to do with horoscopes so this was the perfect gift for me!

Again i knew i was getting these as i picked them out months a go and my sister sneakily bought them for me!

I love succulents so my mum and dad got me this cute little succulent!

Well if you didnt know this about me, I'm a liverpool fan and I love Adam Lallana and always joke about getting a picture of him... well not really joking I'm always secretly hoping someone will get me one and finally someone did (twin point were earned)

How cute is this?! My sister picked me this up as a stocking filler and i tried it last week, its adorable i was transformed to a little penguin!

Being in the blogger community brought me to this next one, everyone knows the obsession in our community with Oliver Bonus and my mum now shares this obsession so she very thoughtfully got me this makeup bag!

Again with the blogger community influencing me, this mug from anthropology has been on my wishlist for so long so my mum got me it!

The same with this one, this glass is from anthropology and feature 24 carat gold detailing it looks fab on our drinks trolley!

This was my main present from my sister, I had wanted this for a while now i already have a Ted Baker purse but wanted a new one i seen this when i visited Leeds a few months ago and i love how the leather felt.

This was from my boyfriends parents, I'm always wearing chokers and ear cuffs so this is very fitting for me!

These are my obligatory Pjs from my nan every year she gets every family member pjs and all the grandchildren get money too!

I seen this in boots and i just loved the makeup bag more than anything!

I had wanted this bag from River Island for ages, i have loads of little bags but never have enough room so again i asked my mum and dad for this!

I seen this backpack back in November and i just loved the colour, the red is such a statement and will look amazing with plain outfits! Boyfriend points for this one!

I have literally wanted this for ages I don't know why but I just have, so my boyfriend finally got it me probably to shut me up more than anything!

So id wanted something from Tommy Hilfiger for christmas I originally wanted a jumper which i could not get in my size so i spotted this and loved it although the photo does it no justice! My mum and dad very kindly bought me this as my main present!

I love Charlotte Tilbury, who doesn't? I had wanted to try a liquid lipstick for some time so my mum picked me one up for Christmas! 

So we did a secret santa with all my mums side of the family as were all getting older now we just buy all the children so we thought we'd make it fun for the adults too. This what I received from my secret santa who was actually my twin of all people, i had been going on about starting my own palette from Mac for so long!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
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