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25 June 2014


I was very kindly send £40 worth of goodies from Viking and it definitely didn't disappoint. Viking are mainly known for there stationary and office supplies but they also sell a wide range of different things such as food,drink and even gifts. 

Firstly I was given this notebook with a owl pattern on the front, this will come in very handy with my blogging and I am definitely a hoarder of notebooks like a lot of people so this is perfect for me! This is retailed at £7.99 which I think is about average for a notebook of this quality. 

Next I got a 8GB pen drive which will definitely come in handy especially as I start university in September, who doesn't need a pen drive? This colour will also be very good as I tend to always loose my pen drives (oops). This is retailed at £4.99 which I think is very reasonable. 

You may be wondering what the next thing is as I to was very confused at first as I'd never seen these before. This is a dispenser for index flags which also came with three sets of index flags, I think this is very handy as index flags are so easily lost and this would also look nice left out on a desk. This retails at £11.99 which I also think is a very reasonable price.

Next is the pack of 8 highlighters, this was a very good coincidence as after finishing my exams I think every highlighter I won has ran out. Personally these are my favourite highlighters as I think they tend to last a long longer and I love the way in this pack you get colours you wouldn't normally find. These would be £7.79 which I once again think is a very reasonable price for a pack of 8! 

Lastly is one of my favourite things I revived, this is a pack of treat size chocolates and sweets! What can I really say who wouldn't love these?! These are retailed at £4.79 which I do think is expensive considering these are only treat size but having said that I don't think I have ever seen this treat size back in any shops. 

You can find Viking on:


11 June 2014

I was sent a lovely goodie bag by the lovely people at Escentual featuring a number of Eucerin products. This came with a number of little samples of different products such as fillers and day creams overall these samples are very good and feel nice a soft on the skin and felt very rich but not too heavy on the skin.

I received three full sized products, this included the day cream, night cream and the cleanser.

This cleanser is meant to leave the skin feeling fresh and clean and it certainly does what it says on the tin. To apply this you have to apply cleanser by putting this cleanser on your hands and gently rubbing this into your skin. I think its helped to keep spots away and keeps your skin feeling very fresh feeling so I would honestly recommend this cleanser to anyone with a dry and sensitive skin because I think it works great. 

The day and night cream are both even brighter products so this helps anyone will dry or dull skin and helps to make your skin appear much brighter. Both of these creams are of a lovely consistency and a little bit spreads quite far so you don't even need much product! This has also helped keep any spots away and I honestly think that this helps to keep your skin looking much brighter. 

Overall I would recommend anyone to give this a go as I personally will definitely be repurchasing.

You can find Escentual on the following:
Twitter- @escentual

She Likes- Summer Picks

9 June 2014

She Likes
For those of you that don't know She Likes is, this is an online clothing and footwear shop, that has a range of different styles that would suit anyone and have a range of different sizes. I personally have only just discovered this website and I wish I would of found it alot earlier!

Firstly is the Sybill Daisy Print Cropped Blouse I love the pattern of this blouse, its quite bold and big but i think this is perfect for dressing up with white jeans or navy jeans.With this blouse being red I think that this is perfect for summer or to add a splash of colour into your wardrobe. This is priced at £22 which i think this is a very reasonable price for this statement blouse. This is available in sizes small, medium and large.

Secondly is the Dora Neon Pink Floral Crochet Vest Top I have literally fell in love with this which is unlike me as I tend to stick to greys, whites and blacks. But I think this  bright pink top is a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. I feel as though this has almost a lace feel to the top which I think makes this top look very flattering. I think this would look perfect with high waisted white jeans as shown or even just normal navy jeans. This is priced at £15 which i think is an absolute bargain. 

You can find she likes on the following:
Twitter- @_shelikes

*This post is not sponsored or paid , these are my honest opinions I just fell in love with these items

miamoo- First Impressions

3 June 2014

miamoo is 100% natural skincare range.This aims to help and prevent dry skin in three steps.

Step 1:
 Exfoliating and wash skin using: fresh locks 3-in-1 wash, splashy face wash for bath&body and spritz & wipe.

Step 2:
 Moisturize  your skin using: huggy lotion and cheeky cream.

Step 3:
 Massage (especially good for babies) using: baba oil

So far I think this set is really good, I think it's perfect for babies as everything is 100% natural and is super soft on the skin so i would definitely recommend this for anyone with particularly young children. Although this is for young children, I think this is so good for anyone, who doesn't love natural products that feel amazing on the skin.

I will do another review of these products next month, to let you know how i got on. 

You  can find miamoo on:

Twitter- miamooskincare

You can get 10% off using the discount code: Blog13

Patterned Trousers

25 May 2014

Top: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Recently this has been my favourite outfit so I thought I'd share it with you all! 
The top and pants are both from h&m, I'm loving h&m at the moment I think they have some fab pieces at the moment that are so affordable! These pants were £12.99 and the top was £10 I think was a bargain! 
Personally I love the patterned pants trend and I already have two pairs and I'm sure I'll buy many more to add to my collection! I particularly like these because there black and white because I think you can wear them in winter with boots or in summer with sandals or shoes! I love this top as it's an off the shoulder top that's textured but you can't really see from this picture this is also very versatile! I think this would look lovely with skirts too as it's very fitted! 
I managed to pick up the shoes whilst Dorothy Perkins had there 25% off so I managed to get these for  around £16 which I think is quite reasonable! 

What's your favourite trend at the moment? 


22 May 2014

Recently I was sent this jumpsuit from WalG, it's took me a while to get this post up because it's the first outfit post I've ever done and I was quite nervous to post this. 
WalG are a online store selling a range of women's fashion, they have gorgeous dresses and playsuits that would suit a range of different people. There delivery service is also amazing and very quick, with no hassle at all! 
This jumpsuit comes in a couple of different colours including Navy, Green and Black and is priced at £36.I'm genuinely in love with this, it's one of the most comfiest things ever! This is available I'm sizes small medium and large and I think would suit anyone as this band across the middle would draw attention to your waist.
You can also dress this up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace and clutch for the night or pair with sandals are some flats for the day. Overall I would definitely recommend purchasing from WalG if you want quality clothing with no hassle. 

You can check out WalG at: 

Twitter- @WalGLondon 

Fuse Gel Nail

11 May 2014

Fuse gelnamel is a new range by sensationail, this is a gel nail polish but this must be used with the UV light, you can buy the UV light in a starter kit which includes the light and one polish this is avaliable from boots and is £35. There are 12 different colours to chose from, the one I have above is the Elec-tric or treat, I think this colour is perfect for the spring and summer it's the perfect coral colour! 
I applied two coats to this but it is fine with just one! This is very easy to apply it does seem quite thick but that's probably because it's a gel consistency once applied it dries very quickly using the UV light and gives a glossy finish.
I haven't had it on for very long so I can't really comment if it lasts very long but I will definitely do an update! So far I love this the UV light does seem expensive but in the long run is worth it and I think the for £15 a bottle it's very reasonable co code ring this is gel nails. But so far I would defiantly recommend this anyone. 
Ill do an update soon! 
Let me know what you think! 

Degusta Box

9 May 2014


I was very kindly sent a Degusta box to try. If you don't know what Degusta box is,they are a Spanish based company who send you a box of new and latest products out for £12.99 a month. 
This month I got a range of products as can be seen above, there is a list of what was included: 
Crabbies Ginger Beer- Raspberry. This is supper sweet so is perfect for the summer season! 
Lindit- 3 lindor 38g chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? These are delicious and perfect for taking anywhere you wish. 
Cawston Press- Rhubarb can. This has no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners so this makes a perfect soft drink.
Clearspring- Miso on the go soup this is also perfect for on the go as you literally have to add water and you have soup! 
Go Splash- Blackcurrant. I love this concept, I think this is perfect for on the go or to take on holidays. This is also perfect as it's sugar free but adds flavour to water. 
Keoghs- Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisp. I haven't tried these but these sound amazing and I can't wait to try them. 
Mcvities- Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls. These are in tropical and berry burst so are very sweet for those of you have a sweet tooth you will love them, there also very very fruity! 
Dr. Oetker- milk/dark chocolate. These are fab for baking and you can see below the recipe and pictures of the brownies I made using this.
Mornflake- Superfast Pots. These are fab for on the go (there seems to be a running theme) as you can take them into work for breakfast or even a snack if your in a rush. 

Overall I think this box is so good and such a good idea to try out new brands and flavours!  So I would definitely recommend trying these to anyone! 

If anyone wants to try a box, I have a discount code you can all use for £3.00 off: SHC6F
You can check them out on the following:
Twitter- +Degustabox 

I thought I'd share a recipe I made using these ingredients, I made one of my favorites, brownies using the Dr.Oetker dark chocolate I got in my Degusta box so here goes!
You will need: 
4 Eggs
65g Plain Flour
1 Tsp Backing Powder
80g Cocoa Powder
360g Caster Sugar 
200g Dark Chocolate 
250g Butter 

It's very simple to make these, I used Viviannas recipe she posted on her channel if you want to watch her video I will leave her link below, if you dont know who she is you should check her out.

Before you start preheat your oven to 180C
1. Add chocolate and butter together and melt (I used microwave) 
2. Then add all the dry ingredients together (flour, backing powder, cocoa powder and caster sugar) 
3. Then add the chocolate and butter mix to the dry ingredients 
4. Crack eggs in a separate bowl and wisk
5. Add eggs to the rest of the mix
6. Add to lined backing tin 
7. Leave in oven for around 35 minutes
8. Leave to cool for around 30 minutes

Here are two photos of what the mixture should look like once mixed and what it should look like when its in the backing tin.

First Impressions: Elegant Touch

7 May 2014

I've never done a first impressions before but I thought I would for this product as it's fairly new on the market and though it would be good to compare against when I've tried these out. 
Straight away I thought these were a fab idea, who wouldn't? The idea of perfect looking nails without any glue needed at all! Each pack contains 24 pre glued nails in 10 different sizes so should be prefect for everyone. This also comes with a prep wipe for before applying the nails and a handy nail file. 
These are applied In a Few simple steps: wash nails with soppy water, dry thoroughly and clean with prep wipe. Peel of the protective film and simply press them down on your nail. How easy does this sound? Personally I think this is just a fab idea, and I really hope that they live up to my expectations because these definitely sound like they are going to be a favourite product. 
The colours shown above are Polished Neon Chick and Trend Peach Ombré but the is a wide variety of colours for everyone! 
I will post a full review of these soon so be sure to keep a look out. 


Grey Ray

4 May 2014


I very kindly got sent this stationary to review from the lovely people at Grey Ray.
This may look like a pen but it's actually a pencil, personally I think this is a fab idea! Surely I'm not the only one who's pencil is always snapping in my bag so this is the perfect solution, this comes I a variety of colours too but it just so happened that I got as this in one of my favourite colours! 
You may be wondering what the other things are, I was confused too. But this these are actually pencil caps, these are meant to protect the end of your pencil and stop them from snapping so these are another alternative to the other pencil and you get a lot of caps in one pack that are all different colours. 
Grey Ray are a company based in Thiland but the delivery was still so fast so I was very impressed by this. Grey Ray also have a number of other products that you should check out including sketch books. I would definitely recommend ordering from them of you love there products (which I'm sure you do) and you want great service! 

You can check them out at:
Twitter- greyraythiland