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Autumn/Winter Wishlist

21 September 2014

Boots- Zara £80 Im in love with these boots and although there alot more expensive than some hughstreet shops i think its definitely worth it for the quality you are getting plus these have fur inside!

T-Shirt- River island £16 I think this is the perfect top for just throwing on with leggins or jeans for them no effort look days!

Shoes- Zara £40 I don't know what it is about these shoes that i love so much but i want them so much these would just look perfect with a leather jacket because of the leather trim, which i love! 

Blouse- H&M £19.99 I have been after this type of green coloured blouse for a while and i just love the shape of this and i think the price is very reasonable!

Skirt- Topshop £35 I think this skirt is so cute and would look lovely with a black blouse and tights in winter! 

Sports Rib Mini Dress- Topshop  £24  I really lie the contrast between the grey and black, i always tend to pick thing that have a nice trim on them so this is perfect for me!

Nike Roshe Runs- Nike £70 I have been wanting these for so so long so i think now that its coming up to autumn/ winter it would be the perfect time to get some!

Skirt- Topshop £45 I have definitely fell in love with this skirt, not sure if it is perfect for autumn/winter but i just love it!

Boots- H&M  £30 I think these boots are a massive must have as these are an amazing price!

What are you wanting this autumn/ winter?

Jewellery Ever After Necklace

17 September 2014

I was very kindly sent this necklace but the lovely Belinda at Jewellery Ever After, for those of you that don't know, Jewellery Ever After is a website and easy store that features fairytale, tv and movie inspired jewellery including Cinderella, Harry Potter, Snow White and Frozen . This lovely necklace as some as you may know is inspired by Harry Potter, personally I'm not a Harry Potter fan and i still love this necklace so i can only imagine those who love Harry Potter would love this necklace a lot! One thing that i love about Jewellery Ever After is that everything is handmade and i think its lovely to support someones little business! 

You can find Jewellery Ever After at the following:

Website: Jewellery Ever After
Etsy: Jewellery Ever After
Twitter: Jewellery Ever After
Facebook: Jewellery Ever After
Instagram: Jewellery Ever After


10 September 2014

As some of you may know i have been away recently, I went to sunny Spain for 11 days so i thought id share a few snaps id took whilst i was away. 
We stayed in Playa Flamenca in Torrvejca, a place we had never been before but i stumbled across whilst looking for villas and im so glad i did, it has the prefect balance of quite but yet lively atmosphere of a day it was so quiet which was lovey to relax by the pool but of a night it had a lively atmosphere that was too rowdy. 
The majority of these photos were taken from the boulevard or from the market, 18 months ago they had opened a large boulevard centre which is literally amazing of a day it sprays mist outside of the shops to keep you cool and the shops of course were amazing too, they had so many shops similar to those at home and i definitely treated myself to a few items also what was amazing is some of the shops which are Spainish like Pull and Bear are a lot cheaper in Spain that along with the exchange rate made a lot of things a lot cheaper! 
Also the market was literally in front of our villa we only had to step outside and we were there so i thought it was amazing so couldn't help but take a few snaps! 
Overall i had a lovely holiday, soaked up some sun and spent lots of euros! 

Sweet Cecily

I was kindly sent these three lip balms by Sweet Cecily, for those of you that don't know Sweet Cecily is a handmade brand selling natural skincare products. I love this brand for a number of reasons first of all the fact they don't test on animals which is huge bonus and the fact that they use all natural ingredients so there aren't any harmful chemicals in their products. 

 There was three flavours Pina Colda, Espresso Martini and Mojtio flavour, (the espresso flavour isn't available on the website just yet) these are priced at £2.95 each. Personally my favourite one was the Mojtio and my least favourite was the Espresso one, i love the smell of the Mojtio flavour and the Pina Colda flavour but i found the Espresso lip balm a little bit over powering but i know that a lot of you would love it, but I'm just a bit funny sometimes when it comes to strong smells I think this may also be due to the fact i hate coffee so for those of you that love coffee then this is definitely for you! 
 In general i found that the lip balms were very soft and hydrating on the lips which is what i look for in a lip balm so i definitely can't complain and don't have anything bad to say about them at all! I also love the design of these lip balms and i love the packaging i think it is so cute and unusual for lip balms too! 

You can find them on the following:
Twitter- sweetcecilys
Website- sweetcecilys

Boohoo top picks

5 September 2014

Im loving Boohoo at the moment so I thought id put together this little post of my top picks from Boohoo.

First is the Penny Printed Shift Dress this isn't something id normally go for but I love the colour of this dress and i think it is very different which i love because its so hard to find clothes that are different from the rest on the high street. This is retailed at £15, what a bargain! 

Secondly is the Martha Floral Shift Dress i love everything about this dress, this is two of my favourite colours put together and i love love love the pattern on this dress and i think it would look lovely in autumn with boots, tights and a leather jacket and this is also £15.

Next this the Daisy Short Sleeve Shift Dress I've always been a fan of daisy print but all daisy print clothing seems to look so similar and i think this dress has a different print that i really like and i think is very reasonable at £12.

Next is the Jackie Crop Edge To Edge Jacket which is priced at £10, i literally think this is such a good price! this jacket would be perfect to go with so many different outfits and they also have this in white too! 

Next is the Val Buckle Trim Cleated Ankle Boot i fell in love with these boots as soon as i seen them, because i struggle to find a pair of boots i really like that haven't got a big heel on, don't get me wrong i love them when they have a heel on but I've been looking of a pair that have a chunky sole and heel on but is practical enough to wear on a everyday basis. I love my other boots but the heel just seems to high to wear on a everyday basis. These are £30 which i think is such a good price for boots!

Lastly is the Sally Ribbed Bodycon Dress I have seen a few of top and dresses around with this black pipping at the top and i don't what it is about it but i just love this and i think it is a bargain for £10 and would be perfect for autumn. 

What are you loving at the moment?


27 August 2014

I was very kindly sent these flip-flipflops by Ipanema. For those you who don't know Ipanema are a Brazilian brand selling a wide range of flip-flops and sandals for both men, women and kids. 

I can't say enough of these flip-flops, first of all i love the look of them i think they are lovely! Also these are the comfiest flip-flops I've ever worn, literally i don't think ill ever buy flip flops from any other brand anymore! Also what i love is the fact that these have quite a thick sole because a lot of flip-flops are very thin meaning they don't last very long and aren't half as comfy because you can often feel the floor as your walking so i love love love how thick these flip flops are. I can't find these exact ones online but there are very similar ones, I think all there flip-flops are very reasonably priced and would recommend them to anyone! 

P.s they have a sale on at the minute so i would definitely go and have a look

You can find them at the following:
Twitter-  IpanemaOfficial 

Ipanema, Ipanema Bloggers

Acrylic Makeup Storage

23 August 2014

Every blogger seems to want acrylic storage and I've been seeing so many sites and people selling it for so expensive so i thought it was only right that i shared this acrylic storage with you all as i think i got this at such a good price! Personally i love mine and i really wish i bought more than one, i love how easily you can get your makeup as it is so easy to see where everything is! Also i think it would be perfect to put all of your products that you use and reach for everyday. 

This was only £7, which compared to there muji storage is such a good price! They don't have lots of options of different sizes and shapes like muji but they do have two other different shapes and for £7 who can complain! These are available from Homebase but these are on sale and the original price is £13 which is still very cheap, but get them before they go!

You can find them here 

Let me know what you think and how do you store your makeup? 

Haul Time...

19 August 2014
Kate Spade Phone Case

My First Two Real Techniques Brushes

Nail Varnishes

Nail Varnishes 


I picked up a few bits on my travels recently so i thought id share them with yous because i know everyone loves a haul!

Firstly i picked up this phone case from Kate spade that i have wanted for so long so i thought id treat myself and finally buy it. I found out about Kate Spade from other bloggers and you tubers and ever since i have been obsessed, if you don't know what Kate Spade is then id suggest you check them out!

Next i picked up my first two real technique brushes! I know I'm very late with the whole real techniques phase but i have just never ever got round to buying them and i picked up the blush brush and the expert face brush and i can't wait to wear these.

I went a bit overboard with the nail varnishes and ended up picking up six new colours and as you can probably tell grey is my favourite colour so i thought id stock up on some cute grey colours. Ive never tried ORLY  before but I've heard good things so i picked two of those up and i picked up one of my favourite brand Essie and three Rimmel 60 second polishes as these are such good value and such cute shades! I will include swatches of all these colours in a future blog post.
Ill leave the names to all of the shades below:

(From left to right)
ORLY- kiss the bride
ORLY- Mirror Mirror 
Essie- Hors d'oeuvres
Rimmel- Grey Matter
Rimmel- Little Bo Peep
Rimmel- Cupcake Pink

Lastly i picked up two Rimmel lipsticks and one Calvin Klein lipstick, I've heard good things about the Rimmel lipsticks so i can't wait to try them! I don't hear much about Calvin Klein anymore but i thought id give it ago anyway. I will include these in a blog post with swatches soon! Ill leave the shade below:

(From left to right)
Rimmel- 700 Nude Delight
Calvin Klein- First Kiss
Rimmel- 160 Rose Passion

Whats your favourite shades i picked up?

Ruby London Jeans


I very kindly received these jeans from Ruby London, where I was given a choice of which jeans I would like and I chose these black skinny jeans called the Yasmin Jeans. Ruby London have a wide range of jeans in a wide range of styles and sizes including half sizes! I think the fact that they do half sizes is amazing because I always find it hard to find jeans that fit me perfectly because I am in-between sizes so its great for those of us who find it hard to find the perfect fitting jeans.
These jeans are the perfect fit but they are slightly long on the leg so I tucked mine under and it was fine! These retail at £79 which i know seems expensive at first but for a good quality pair of jeans which is hard to find and for the perfect fitting jeans i think this is very reasonable. Also having worn these quite a few times and washing these quite a few times these have kept in perfect condition and haven't faded at all which i find always seems to happen after a few washes with other jeans so I'm hoping these are going to last a long time.

Overall i would definitely recommend Ruby London to anyone they offer a great service and very fast delivery with high quality products. 

P.S this was taken before I got my dslr so I'm sorry that the quality isn't great but it will definitely be better in the future. 

You can find Ruby London on the following:
Twitter- Ruby London
Website- Ruby London

My trip to London

17 August 2014
Our suite 

Our view from our hotel room

Our suite

View of London

Lovely Canal

Penguin at the zoo

Giraffe at the zoo


Tube Station
China Town

Big Ben
As you may have seen in my previous post it was my 18th birthday two weeks ago so I headed to London for the weekend as this is one of my favourite places to visit that I don't get to often enough. This post is photo heavy I know but i thought id let the photos do the talking! But i thought id briefly tell you about my trip to London, firstly we stayed in the Hilton Westminster in a suite, which I was very excited about as I've never stayed in a suite in the Hilton before and it defiantly didn't fail to disappoint! The room was lovely and had a view over London, with this room we also got access to the Executive Lounge where you could go in any time you wish and there was food and drinks available free of charge.
Whilst in London we obviously hit Oxford Street as this is one of my favourite things to do and definitely didn't fail to spend a small fortune. We also visited London zoo as this is something I've always wanted to do and it was actually a lot better than expected, the penguins where definitely my favourites! We alos went and visited some of the landmarks in London such as London Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye which we obviously had to do, no trip in London would be the same with out doing so.
All in all we had a lovely time and i would definitely recommend London zoo to anyone but i also would recommend buying tickets online as you get to go straight in and otherwise the queues to get in are huge!

What is your favourite thing to do in London?