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Essential Products When Living With Atopic Eczema

13 April 2021

 I have been living with eczema for as long as I can remember, even as a young child I always suffered from it. As a child, my eczema was a lot worse than it is now at 24 but that doesn't mean to say I haven't suffered from flare-ups over the years because I most definitely have, my most recent flare-up would probably be when I was around 21/22 at university, it flared like never before and I was back and forth at the doctors coming away with different creams to try every time. 

I have put together my essentials for living with eczema day to day when I am not having a flare-up as they usually require attention from a medical expert which I most definitely am not. 

Eczema Essentials 

Dermol Lotion

I have used Dermol since I could remember, I get this from my doctor which if you have eczema you should be able to request from your doctor too. Honestly this is a god send daily, I find a lot of lotions and moisterisers tend to make me itch even more and I end up itching all the moisteriser off... pointless, right?! But Dermol really hydrates my skin and soothes the itching which can be such a relief! 

Pixi Milky Lotion

I have been used this for the past 9 months for my face only as I used Dermol everywhere else, I tend to stay away from Dermol for my face as it is a slightly thicker consistency than your usual facial moisturiser and I don't want it to cause me to break out which unfortunately at the grand old age of 24 I still do. This Pixi Milky Lotion has been great for my face, I am nearly at the end of my first tube and I will definitely be repurchasing as it has managed to keep my face so hydrated! 

Mariio Anti- Blemish Cream*

What attracted me most about this Mariio Anti- Blemish Cream is the ability to protect against eczema and have anti-blemish qualities too as these are my two biggest skin concerns. I have been trying this out for a good few months now and I am most definitely impressed, I noticed that any breaks out looked a lot less inflamed, red and angry when using this moisturiser and it kept my dry skin at bay. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I LOVE this Mario Badescu facial spray, I don't know about you but once I have been wearing my makeup for a few hours my face starts to feel dry, no matter what I use it's like my skin is asking to be rehydrated, this is were this facial spray comes in. This spritz makes your skin feel refreshed and hydrated without the need to reapply more moisturiser whilst out and about.


Simple Eye Cream

For me the place I suffer most with on my face has always been around my eyes and especially my eyelids, they become sore and I get a burning sensation. This Simple eye cream is the only thing that I have found to soothe my eyes everything else I have tried doesn't make any difference at all but this takes the burning sensation away straight away. P.S. this is supr afforable at less than £2!


Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Body Wash

Another product I love, I mean that is the whole point of this post. Anyway, Aveeno has a few different shower gels available, I have tried this Skin Relief body wash and the daily moisturising body wash and I found this to be the best out of the two. This leaves your skin feeling so moisturised which I find so hard to find in a body wash, previously I have used the Simple shower gel which is fine, it doesn't react to my skin but it also doesn't leave my skin feeling half as moisturising as the Aveeno Skin Relief.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation VS Nars Sheer Glow Review

2 February 2020

Ok... so I'm  back, I think. I feel like I haven't blogged in what seems like forever! Its been 8 months since I last published a post, I fell out of love with blogging and struggled to find the time the time between working two jobs. My aim for the rest of the year is to attempt to get up at least two posts a month. 

My first post is all about my favourite foundations, I for one struggle to find a foundation I love so when I do I want to shout to the world about it. This posts focuses on my two favourite higher end foundations, I do have a high street one I use during the week for work but Ive kinda fell out of love with that at the moment so we will leave this for another time. 

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I have been using this foundation for around three years now so id like to say I have well and truly tested it. Ive always loved this from the get go, id say this has a medium to full coverage. The shade range in this foundation for my skin tone is great, I got matched in Harvey Nicholas and found the perfect tone, they do have a good range of shades admittedly not as big as competing brands, but still good. 

There is two main things I love about this foundation, firstly how dewy this foundation is. I am get to find another foundation that makes my dull, dry skin look hydrated and glowy, you know that sun kissed holiday skin? It almost gives me that vibe! 

Secondly is how long wearing it is, for my skin type (dry) I find that foundations tend to wear off quite easily and seem to sink into my skin drawing attention to any dry patches I have. But I can always rely on this foundation lasting me all day and still looking nearly as good as the morning. 

Honestly, I couldn't recommend this one enough and for high end the price isn't too shabby either. You can shop this here

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

My other favourite foundation, I find this one is a more of a full coverage foundation and one I tend to wear on my most special occasions. With this one I definitely would say don't order online and guess your shade, I think they come up darker than expected and would probably go one lighter again even though i got tested instore. 

The thing I love most about this foundation is the finish, I don't think I have seen any other foundation that gives such a flawless finish. At the minute I'm experiencing breakouts and this still manages to make my skin look good... well as good as it possibly good! 

Its just another all round good foundation, it doesn't separate and stays put all day! I will definitely be continuing to use this one for any special occasions. You can shop this here.

Whats your favourite foundation? (Perticularly high street, in desperate need of a new one) 

Uunique Phone Case!

23 May 2019
Again I've not blogged in a little white I just struggle to find the time recently, but recently I was sent this phone case below so I thought it was about time I wrote you a little more... 

So Uunique London are sell a range of phone cases and accessories, I have been having a little look online and honestly they do have such a lovely range of phone cases that are so unique and have a stylish edge to them!

This one i recieved is called 'Passion Pink' and isnt it just the cutest I love blossom trees and the little bird is just adorable adds a touch of spring and summer to my phone. This is only quite thin which it like as my phone is bulky enough so its just like a second skin on the phone.

You can find this phone case here.

Femme Luxe: Spring Pieces!

25 April 2019
I have a bit of different post today as i have styled some pieces from Femme Luxe to take you right through Spring!!

The first piece is this pink jumper, now this colour is perfect to liven up you're wardrobe especially if you're anything like me and mainly stick to monotones! Ive been looking wearing this its so comfy,  styled this with leather leggings and my black Alexandra McQueens to dress this up you could even just add a pair of heels and add more glam makeup and you would be good to go!!

P.S. This Jumper is also on sale right now so go and grab a bargain.

Now i have been living in this, cant you just tell from the picture that its just so so comfy! It has a simple belt in the middle which i like so it shows your figure more although i would consider adding my own belt to dress this up a bit for a more glamorous look but for daytime this belt is perfect. Again this jumpsuit is super comfy and the sleeveless style is perfect for spring!

This is also half price right now, so you can shop this now here!

You can check out all the other things they have here!

Popcorn Shed Popcorn Reviewed!

2 April 2019
 Ive been on a blogging break AGAIN! I just cant seem to get the hang of the blogging and working full time and working another job! But i am back and hopefully for good this time.

I am starting off my return with a review from The Popcorn Shed i apologise because i did get sent this back in December or maybe even November last year.

I recieved a few small packs so i could try all the different varieties available and then i received two larger sizes packs to enjoy. If you love popcorn then i know you will love this brand, these have such a wide variety of different flavours, so many that i hadn't even tried before.

The flavours: Pop n Choc, Salted Caramel, Pecan Pie, Butterfly Nuts, Berrylicous, Say Cheese and Sweet Chestnuts.

I was most excited to try Say Cheese as I'm a big cheese lover, if your a cheese lover like me then you would love these because they literally don't get any cheesier! Another favourite of mine was the salted caramel, this is the perfect mixture of sweet and savoury! I would definitely repurchase these two again! If you like the mix of sweet and savoury you would also love the Sweet Cheeses flavour as this is the perfect combination, it takes the edge of the cheesiness by adding some sweet caramel. The Pop n Choc was also lovely, but a bit similar to something that i have tried before so nice but nothing new i would recommend try any of the above flavour instead as they are unique flavours.

Now i don't like nuts so i got my mum to try out the Butterly Nuts and she loved it, she definitely recommends this and would buy it again.

You can find The Popcorn Shed here:

*Post contains gifted items 

Island Of Paradise Fake Tan Review

5 February 2019

Self Tanning Water
Ive tried this tan a couple of times so i give a full review, i must say i was sceptical its it being water and not knowing what this would be like to apply and i must say it was a bit of trial and experiment to begin with. Overall i do love the colour this gives I'm really pale and this isn't too orange it gives a perfect glowy, bronzed look. I applied this with a tanning mit, you just have to be extra careful to make sure to get all areas as you this has no colour and ensure its blended well, it does take some time getting used to but once you have you'll love it!

Self Tanning Drops 
Ok so you could say that I'm slightly obsessed with this product now I've been using it for two months now so i have give it a good go before writing this review. Firstly i apply this by putting one or two drops in my moisturiser before bed, be careful these can leave a fake tan stain on your hands so I've been applying using gloves to avoid this and it works a treat. Then you just apply this like normal moisturiser and its that simple, i don't use this every night i tend to do every other night and alternate between one or two drops depending on how dark i want it. I love the colour this gives off, its not a orangey tone is more of a glowy look which honestly now i cant live without! 
Highly recommend to anyone! 

You can find them here: Isle Of Paradise 

Mario Badescu Skincare Review!

8 January 2019
Its been a while again... this is becoming a regular occurrence, life is getting in the way and i never ever seem to make the time to blog anymore but I'm not forcing it I'm just going with the flow and writing when i feel like it! My skin has been awful at the moment so I've been trying out new skincare, hoping this new routine makes a difference and it has been so i thought id write a review as i know Mario Badescu are talked about quite a lot!

Mario Badescu Skincare Set, drying lotion,

Facial Spray- this is is the one product i just knew i would love and i wasn't wrong, i really do love using this product. I use it in the morning when i wake up and of a night after I've done by skincare routine, this just makes your skin feel so fresh and wakes me up of a morning. I also have been finding it handy to have in my bag, i don't know about you but when I'm in work and I've had my makeup on for a long period of time it makes my skin feel all dry so this is perfect. You can find it here

Enzyme Cleansing Gel- this product was one that i wasn't that excited to try as I've got tons of products similar but honestly I've been using this every night and applying with a    facial sponge and theres something about this that i just love. It feels like i really digs deep to clean the skin, afterwards my skin looks and feels so fresh and soft!

Silver Powder- Again another product i have been loving, this literally looks like a paste that you put on your wet skin, this then dries and aims to minimise pores whilst also getting rid of dirt and black heads. I suffer with large pores next to my nose and on chin and I've been using this twice a week and really notice the difference, pores appear smaller and i don't seem to be getting as many black heads. 

I'm not going to lie i haven't yet tried out the Flower and Tonic Mask because i have so many similar products open so i don't want to open this before using them up but ill update this post when i do get round to doing so. 

Mario Badescu Skincare Set, drying lotion,

Drying lotion- this was the whole reason i wanted this set, i suffer really bad with spots i don't have acne but i get a lot of spots on my chin and forehead, these spots tend to just leave red marks on my face for a long period of time which is so frustrating especially when i don't want to wear much makeup for work. So I've been leaving this on my spots overnight and washing off in the morning. I had worried that with me having eczema and therefore having really dry skin this would make my skin even drier therefore i am careful upon application and just apply on the small area were the spots are. Overall i have notice a difference i wake up and i feel like the spots are less visible which is exactly what i want!

Overall i really love this set and do think it has given be better skin although i think sticking to any skin care routine is bound to help! 

Pixi Glow Collection!

27 October 2018
Dont Pixi just do the best PR packages, i may be bias but hay ho i literally live for them. Although i have to say how lucky am i to receive a package like this?! Their packaging was on point as usual with this package. 

 Fairy Lights Liquid Eye Glimmers

Not going to lie, i was sceptical about these when they first arrived as i had never tried liquid eye shadow before, but boy did these impress. I used these over the top of my shadow to add a glitter effect, and the pay off is insane (wish i would of swatched them now, would of been a good hay).

Glow-y Gossamer Duos

I am forever on a search for 'the perfect' highlighter its one product I've never found a favourite off. These have become a everyday favourite of mine, although they aren't my favourite for nights out or dressy occasions these add such a gorgeous subtle glow and makes your skin look super natural and flawless. The formula is also fab as it isn't too powdery which i do find with some highlighters which end up coming chalky, this is just the right consistency! 

Honestly Pixi never disappoint me, although I get sent products to review it goes without saying that my opinions are honest and truthful and i genuinely buy Pixi products myself. Ever since i tried glow tonic I've never gone back! But overall i never have a negative thing to say, i would highly recommend them to anyone!

You can check them out here: Pixi Beauty

What I Got For My Birthday

30 September 2018

So it was my 22nd birthday on the 2nd August so i thought id show you guys what i got as i know loads of people love this kinda post. 
Also i haven't blogged in the longest time as I've been finishing my master degree but its done so I'm back here for long haul!

P.S. you might think theres a home theme to my presents, i don't need anything at all so my parents always get me home bits for when i move out and i store them away! 

Hope you enjoy. 

How gorgeous is this gin glass!

How cute is this vase!

I had wanted a Tiffany necklace for the longest time so my boyfriend very kindly got me a blue box with a necklace of course!

I had also wanted to try this for so long it literally changed the colour of your drink and makes it sparkly! 

These are cute little accessories for around your glass!

 I love Burt Bee's so little set was perfect! 

My sister always gets me a pair of socks for birthdays and christmas and im obsessed with unicorns so she did good!

How cute is this necklace my sisters boyfriend picked out for me!


These are more little house bits my mum and dad, well my mum picked up for me! 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is glasses and i have a collection of gold glasses going on so this was another welcomed addition to the family! 

My boyfriends parents picked this out for me as id been saying i wanted a hoodie for the new autumn season!

How cute are these gym leggings, my mum got these as i said I'm going to start at the gym this month!

 This was a present from my sister, the photo does it no justice but  i was in a rush so excuse the photography of this post but i love Calvin Klein so i cant wait to wear this from the upcoming season!

These were one of my favourite presents i love Kate Spade so i was over the moon to get these glasses. 

I love Huda Beauty so i couldn't wait to use this and i can confirm its amazing! 

Again another glass to add to my collection!

I thought this was a very thoughtful present from my boyfriend and i cant wait to find it a place to go up!

Lastly was this purse from my sister, i have a big ted baker purse but id been wanting a smaller one for days when I'm not taking a huge bag out!

UltraSun Suntan Lotion Review!

28 August 2018
So i was recently sent over some suntan lotion to try before my holiday, if you didnt know because i  havent blogged in like forever last month I went away to Spain so i tested out all these products while i was.

Ultrasun are brand that has been going for around 20 years providing lotion for those with sensitive skin. For someone who suffers with eczema and super sensitive skin this was music to my ears as i find suntan lotion alway reacts to my skin. 

Ultrasun Family SPF 30

So i picked the family size high protection 30 spy suntan lotion, i used this on holiday for everywhere but my face and i really enjoyed using it. I didnt really burn and if i did that was my fault not the suntan lotion. I cant fault this product, if you didnt know i have eczema so often react to suntan lotion and it can also make my skin feel quite itchy and i was very very happy that this one worked a dream! 

Ultrasun Anti- Age SPF 30
This was actually the product i was excited to see most as i was in desperate need to get a suntan lotion that was specifically just for more face as a lot of them seem to clog up my pores and i end up with spots on holiday which is definitely not what i want! I used this everyday whilst i was on holiday and its definitely going to be my go to! I didn't burn, it didn't react with my extremely sensitive skin and most of all it did not break me out in spots so i have nothing but good things to say about this product! 

Ultrasun Anti- Age Tinted SPF 50

I mainly wanted this product for in the U.K. because i think a lot of people will admit they shy away from using protection when in the uk and often think oh its not that sunny but the sun can still be doing damage to your skin even if its not a scorcher of a day.  So I've been wearing this in the summer days rather than using foundation, this just feels as though your wearing moisturiser and doesn't feel heavy on your skin at all. Again this didnt react with my skin luckily and didnt break me out so i would highly recommend this to any sensitive skin or not!

Ultrasun Face Overnight Recovery Mask

I used this on holiday each day after being in the sun all day. Whilst i was on holiday i did get a bit of sun burn around my eyes and on a general basis the sun does dry out my skin, upon applying this felt like it instantly cooled my skin down almost like after sun. This also left my skin really hydrated i didn't even feel the need for moisturiser which is new for me!
I would highly recommend this to anyone who is going away and suffers from dry skin or even just irritated skin after being in the sun.

You can check out the full range here.