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B Beauty Limited Face Masks Review

12 December 2016

I recently received these two face masks from B Beauty Limited, I had never heard of B Beauty Limited before but they are online website selling Japanese Cotton infused sheets masks, the two different masks that I received are Papaya and JoJoba oil mask which are both available to buy online here at £2.49 each which is pretty reasonable for a sheet mask. 

Firstly is the Papaya sheet mask- papaya is meant to act like a antibacterial and is often used to clear rashes, cuts and gets rid of any dead skin cells. One of its biggest benefits is it makes your skin appear lighter and brighter. This one smells amazing as soon as you open the pack you can smell it, its quite a peachy smell but still amazing! After using it left my skin feeling so softer and straight away my face looked a lot brighter and healthier so Im really impressed by this mask. 

The next is the JoJoba Oil face mask- this face mask is fragrance free so is great for anyone with sensitive skin. JoJoba oil helps protect and repair from any damage and acts as a natural skin conditioner. This leaves your skin feeling equally amazing but it was slightly better for my skin as I do have sensitive skin so it felt that tiny bit more gentle then the Papaya sheet mask.

If youd like to check out the range of face masks B Beauty Limited sell you can find them here. 

*This post contains press samples
5 comments on "B Beauty Limited Face Masks Review"
  1. I've also got a few masks from B Beauty as they kindly participated in my bloggers beauty box, I'm yet to try them out so hearing your reviews on them has made me want to get home and try them sooner! x

  2. I'm yet to try mine, I can't wait! Thanks for sharing xox

  3. These masks sound great! I've got really into masks lately so I'll have to try these two out! Especially the sheet mask... I've only started using sheet masks and I am obsessed!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. I got one of these in Bow's beauty box but haven't tried it yet! I tend to stick with my Simple face masks as I know they don't irritate my skin!

    Sian x

  5. I've heard of these but never tried them before, from your review they seem amazing. I love face masks so I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |