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Rocky Rice Puffed Rice Cake

8 December 2016

I recently received Rocky Rice puffed rice cake to review. Rocky Rice cakes come in three different flavours;  Milk Chocolate, Chocolate & Orange and Chocolate & Strawberry. Rocky rice is a gluten free indulgent snack that aims to still be healthy, with each bar containing less than 100 calories.  Each of the bars come individually wrapped so are perfect for on the go and for lunches. 

Milk Chocolate
These are my favorite out of all the flavours, boring I know but there’s something so nice about the plain milk chocolate with the fluffy light rice cake. Its has a sweet but not too sweet flavor that I’m in love with. These are surprisingly bigger than you would expect as the average rice bar is much smaller. 

Chocolate & Orange
These again have the same texture but with the added bonus of a kick of orange, it subtle but its still very much there. If you love orange flavour anything your bound to love these. 

Chocolate & Strawberry 
Again as you can guess this one has the same consistency as the rest but with a added strawberry flavour so your favourite with be very much depending on your personal preference.

These are not available to buy in the super markets but are available to buy online here.

You can find more about Rocky Rice here.
9 comments on "Rocky Rice Puffed Rice Cake"
  1. Mmm these look amazing!


  2. I work in an independent supermarket and we sell these and I keep meaning to try them! They sound so tasty, especially the orange

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. These look really scrummy, and great to hear that they're a healthier alternative to a lot of cereal bars as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I definitely want to try the chocolate and orange combo!

    Abbey 🎄

  4. Ooooh these look delicious! I'm very partial to rice cakes and choc so I'm definitely gonna have to try these!😍

    Lovely post

    Izzy |

  5. No lie, my tummy started rumbling reading this post. It's a sign. I need all flavours!!!😱😩😍 great post Helena x

  6. These look yummy! It's not boring to like the milk chocolate ones; I always like the basic flavour in a product range!

    Sian x

  7. wooo they look amazing!! I love snacking on rice cakes so I love how these are in bar form!!! Thank you for sharing xox

  8. Ooh these look like they'd be quite tasty, something to throw in your bag for uni - chocolate and strawberry is calling my name!

  9. Omg these look amazing!! I really want to try some now, they sound so yummy! Thanks for sharing lovely 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |