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Joan Collins Compact Duo Lipstick & Powder

6 December 2016

 I recently received the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo Lipstick & Powder from their collection with Joan Collins. Id never heard about this collection before but having received this I thought it was a good time to go and have a look, in this range there are lipsticks, powder, foundation etc... everything you would expect. This range was created to ensure that woman of any age can feel beautiful to create timeless beauty.

Firstly the lipstick, I received shade Katrina which is a gorgeous brown/red colour which actually reminds me of Mac Whirl. The lipstick itself is very creamy and moisturising which is always good especially in winter when your lips get drier than ever. The colour pay off of these lipsticks is amazing and they literally last so so long. Also can we talk about the packaging? How luxurious is this packing! It reminds me of Charlotte tilbury slightly and thats definitely never a bad thing. I also love how the lipstick has a little slot for it to sit in and you can swap it with any of the other lipsticks by Joan Collins, making this the perfect product to pop in your handbag.

Overall I have loved trying out these products and I would definitely recommend that you try them out for yourselves.

You can find the Joan Collins collection at:
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

*Does contain press samples

7 comments on "Joan Collins Compact Duo Lipstick & Powder "
  1. Such gorgeous photos, Helena! Well done with these! I love your little fairy lights! I've been hearing some really great things about Joan Collins' range in the blogging community over the past few days so I really need to invest in some of her products! That lipstick is just stunning!

    Abbey 😁

  2. I've not tried anything from this range yet but need to get my hands on some! It looks amazing! Great post honey xxx
    Rachel |

  3. Oh that lipstick is beautiful! I love it. I have so many darker red shades but I feel like I always need more so I might have to add this to my purchase list ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. I don't know how I've never heard of this brand before! You're so right on the lipstick packaging being similar to Charlotte Tilbury too! Thanks for the review and glad you liked the products, gonna keep an eye out for these!

    Lots of love

    Izzy |

  5. Oh I was also sent this beautiful product. It's absolutely lovely and I can't wait to write about it too. The packaging is absolutely stunning. Brilliant post lovely!!

  6. I love the colour of that lipstick! I'm also a huge fan of the packaging; it's so suitable to a Joan Collins beauty range!

    Sian x