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CB12- Mouth Wash

2 December 2016

Cb12 Mouthwash ensures that your breath smells amazing for up to 12 hours using its unique formula to do so. The difference with this product compared to a normal mouthwash is that it is also a teeth whitener, that claims to give whiter teeth within two weeks as it removes any stains or discolouration you may have on you're teeth as well as protecting against future stains. This is available in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml and is in a peppermint favour. 

The verdict
The taste is pleasant, it feels nice and gentle and isn't too strong but it weirdly makes your mouth feel dry so make sure you have some water on hand. Its amazing for when you've had any spicy foods as it leaves your mouth feeling so fresh and it feels like it takes all the flavours away from your mouth. Overall it leaves your teeth feeling and looking a lot cleaner and fresher I haven't noticed much difference in terms of white yet but it does give a general cleaner and healthier look to your teeth. Its priced at £15 for 250ml which is more expensive than ordinary mouthwash but it does give a much better result than the average mouthwash.

You can find more about Cb12 mouth wash here.
This is also stocked at boots which is linked here. 
4 comments on "CB12- Mouth Wash "
  1. I tend not to believe products when they say they give you whiter teeth in two weeks! It seems amazing that after only 28 uses, it gets your teeth as god as new! £45 is a lot for a mouthwash, thank you for an honest review!

    Sian x

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