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The Jewel Hut- Pandora Charm

16 December 2016

I recently received this beautiful Pandora charm from The Jewel Hut, I have a pandora bracelet so I was so excited to add this to my collection. If you don't know who The Jewel Hut are then they are a online jewellery store selling a range of well known brands at amazing prices including Pandora, Thomas Sabbo and Links of London. 

I have had my pandora bracelet for some time now so I was excited to add another little charm to my collection, I actually have a collection of cute animal charms including a hedgehog and a turtle so this was the perfect little addition to my collection.

This charm is called the Silver Charming Owls which is priced at £30 which is about average for Pandora charms. It is a big owl with a baby owl next to it as you can see which is super cute. This would make the perfect gift for someone at Christmas, who doesn't love seeing a Pandora bag with the pretty pink signature ribbon sitting under their Christmas tree. 

You can find The Jewel Hut here with a range of different Pandora charms perfect for this Christmas! 

They actually have a offer on right now too were you get a free Pandora Christmas present ornament when you spend £125 or more on Pandora. 

6 comments on "The Jewel Hut- Pandora Charm"
  1. I love charms as presents and this one is so cute!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  2. I've never been crazy for Pandora but this charm is just so cute! I do love how personal these bracelets can be when you can choose the charms you love the most :)

    Sian x

  3. Aw you lucky thing this is so cute! I haven't worn my pandora bracelet in a while but there are so many pretty charms out now!

    Love Izzy |

  4. Wow this is super cute and would make a totally amazing gift! I need to take a look at the Jewel Hut website! Thanks for sharing 😍

    Abbey 💕

  5. I love owls, and omg this is the most cute little thing ever. 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |